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Apple iPod vs Microsoft Zune

Who is better?
Apple iPod
 54%  [ 17 ]
Microsoft Zune
 45%  [ 14 ]
Total Votes : 31

After the months of talking, now is time to "war" between iPod and Zune. The contenstants are Microsoft with Zune and Apple with iPod.

Please Use Quote Tags When Copying and Pasting wrote:
What is Microsoft Zune?
Zune is new portable media player. It's maker is Microsoft. It has big quality LCD screen. LCS screen is high lightness. It has mini drive with 30GB mini drive. Connections are USB 2.0 and wifi (802.11b/g). Music can buy on Zune marketspace.

In Black or Gray
WMA, MP3, AAC, JPEG,WMV, MPEG-4, H.264 media playback
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) connectivity
30 GB Hard Drive
3 inch video LCD 320x240
White, Black, and Brown Colors
FM Radio
TV output connectivity 640x480
Dedicated song download site (Zune Marketplace)
Podcast playback
Updateable Firmware
Tested 14 hr battery life for audio, 4 hr video
3 day playback of Wi-Fi transfered songs from friends
XBOX streaming
XBOX (Microsoft) points compatability
Preloaded music videos
Over a dozen accessories at launch
5.6 ounces in weight, 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.58 inches size
Metric: 158 g, 112 x 61 x 14.7 mm size
Custom background images
WiFi transfer of photographs
Tag based storage system (Will not appear as drive)
PC Compatability (no Mac client at launch)
Zune tag enabled
Horizontal and vertical video orientation

Price: $250
Coming soon: 14. november 2006


What is Apple iPod?
Ipod is portable media player. They have three difference media players. This are iPod, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.
First can playing movis, has 30GB or 80GB hard drive, in black or white and cost $249.
Second has 2GB, 4GB or 8GB hard drive, in silver, pink, black, green or blue and cost $149.
And third is very portable, has 1GB hard drive, in silver and cost $79.
In the future Apple maybe start make Videopots with big LCD and can playing movies.
Music can buy with iTunes.

Movies. Now playing on iPod.
30GB, 80GB
From $249
In Black or White

iPod nano
Completly remastered.
2GB, 4GB, 8GB
From $149
In Silver, Pink, Black, Green or Blue

Clip and go.
In Silver
The Zune was designed to beat the iPod, so it is obviously better. I really like the big screen and the wifi...

I still hate the stupid interface though.
Hi there! I am a mac user and so I really appreciate the way the iPod integrates with the system. I love the menu systems and everything else about it. The zune is clunky and ugly in my opinion. creative make much much better video devices in my opinion. All of the Zune features like WiFi and stuff are both silly and gimmicky. Plus Microsoft never creates drivers for mac users which is a major pain the ass. I mean Apple made iTunes on Windows and even Sony bundles mac drivers. Anyways thats just my 2 cents on the matter. If I had to choose a windows video player it would definitely be from Creative.
P.S I am not a fanboy! Microsoft make some killer products like the Xbox 360 and OneNote to name just a few and I think that it can do stuff that other companies can't do.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 5:32 pm Post subject:
The Zune was designed to beat the iPod, so it is obviously better. I really like the big screen and the wifi...

I still hate the stupid interface though.

Just to start, just because something is ment to be better doesnt allways mean that it is.

But, True the screen in bigger than the Ipod, but the wifi ness doesnt seem that great(at least from what Iv read). When they say Wifi, I first thought, oh cool, you could connect to other zunes and your compuer wireless. thats only half true.

You still need to plug it into your computer for useage. Now you can "share" songs with nearby people with it also, but If I remeber right, you dont get to keep a copy of the song on your zune. Meaning if they leave, its gone.

To go thru the menu you have to keep on clicking one way or another, you cant scroll.

Well after my unorganized rant,
+Bigger Screen
+same price for each song as apple
+Cant scroll
+Cant wifi to your computer

(I really should have writen this better but its still the morning)

I saw the Microsoft Zune will be better. But personaly I think MP3 players made by San-Disk and Creative Labs are better and much much cheaper.
I'm also a mac user though sometimes I do use microsoft windows.

the only real good thing I see about the Zune is the screen size is much nicer then the ipods screen size.

On the other side it's the same stupid thing from the same stupid company. Microsoft never gives up with its stupid windows gui design they use it for everything. They need to try something more unique or basic. Unique like the PSP or basic like the Apple Ipod.

The Wi-Fi is almost pointless. If it is designed to be a device on the go where the hell are you going to get a wi-fi in my car or on a school bus. Plus unless you live in a major city it will almost be completely useless unless your at home.

That and Apple offers cheaper models of it's portable project.

True as was mentioned before Apple supports Microsoft and Apple computers Microsoft only supports their damn operating system.

If monopolizing computers wasn't enough they want to try to monopolize the portable world too. Why can't microsoft just say ok Apple. We have the computer industry we will let you have the portable industy, but no Microsoft is out to control the whole damn world.

Just recently Microsoft has set off it comptuer domination.
Game Systems:
Windows XP/Vista

before you freaken know it you will have Microsoft TV's powered by Microsoft Windows XP. Shocked
I mean seriously they need to sit back and except.
Sony controls the game industry. Apple controls the portable industry, and Microsoft controls the computer industry.

Anyway, after that little off topic thing...

What scares me about this Zune is Apple used to be the controllor of the computer industry then Microsoft came out and took it over. Now it seems that Microsoft will come out again and take over Apple again with electronic illiterate people thinking, "o, Microsoft where have I hurd that before... O yeah microsoft windows I have that computer. I've been using that all my life" then they get the impression that they don't need their iPod anymore and should get a Zune instead.
You should have an "other" option. I'd choose the least restrictive of the mp3 players out there and neither of those two are it.
screen is the only visible 'plus' for zune. i wonder if it will be supported on macs. ipod works seemlessly on macs. And when another generation of ipod will come ot it will for sure rockk.
zune 's role is just to stir the competition more and good part is end customer will benefit from it as prices are coming down without cmpromising the features.
Well, even though I like the Zune a little better than the Apple iPod, I'm still not too fond of it. (Actually, I'm not fond of the iPod, either). The bigger screen is nice, but the resolution is too low (for the screen size). The interface is OK, but not great at all. The WiFi is a nice touch, but I wish you could do more with is. (Download songs, connect to your computer, etc.) The method where you can send the music to another Zune is pretty good, but not something "revolutionary." There's just one thing that annoys me, how it interacts with other Microsoft products. (Xbox 360). Even though the Zune is a good competitor, I doubt it could beat the popularity of the iPod. If it could, some other player would have done it before.
The zune is pysically bigger then the ipod, but the features like wifi are nice. But will the drm affect the wifi and such? and how good will it be to update it with windows media player. I really like itunes over windows media.
Ithink you have to wait and see how Zune works.. maybe it has software problems or never know..
I don't think the screen can be a put down anymore. Apple is making a iPod 6G where the entire screen is the iPod. Though there are a bunch of fake pictures of it I think it is suppost to be 3.5in and a touch screen. Which is pritty cool. Overall bigger screen and smaller size then the Zune. I can't wait till they come out.
at the end of the dae, iPod is still the one providing the sleek mp3 player, which is what Apple is famous for. I would prefer iPod to Zune. Oso, when I heard about Zune, the first thing to come to my mind is that the name seems to be a combination of Creative's "Zen" and Apple's "iTunes", making it Zune.
ipod has built a name for themselves. even if the zune was way ebtter, everyday people odn't know what a zune is, but they know the name ipod. so it doesn't really matter which is better, i pod will win out on this one. i still think the ipod is better, and wait till you see whats coming out next year! IPOD WILL RULE. poeple will be like microsoft who?
If i have to choose between ipod and zoon..than I will go for zoon.But I will suggest to go for other gud brands with many attractive features..and cheep price like creative.I have creative..n it is simply excellent. Razz
Why would you want the zune? It's just like everything else microsoft makes. It's 2x the size of the compeditors and has features no one else cares about. Very Happy
the worst thing abt the zune is it's thickness n da that there's no browser 4 da wifi!! but da screen is brillient
I believe when the Micrsoft Zune is released worldwide, that it will stomp the Apple iPod. Sure the iPod is nice, but Microsoft vs. Apple? Microsoft is the way to go.
By the way, the Microsoft Zune is already out! And not everyone is aware of it. The Zune hasn't got enough publicity as the iPod. Take a look at the iPhone by Apple, almost everyone knows about it. People aren't going to buy the Zune because they already have an iPod. And if they want to buy the Zune, they would want something better in features than the iPod. If the Zune had more features, it would have been great and successful. I believe that the Zune will be successful in the future by adding Podcasts and lyrics and i heard it's going to be running linux?
{name here}
I use neither. I use those round things you call CDs. It's much cheaper to replace than an MP3 player and easier to make backups of.
Defiantly the Microsoft Zune... That is, until they make a newly designed iPod.
Zune to me is too clunky, I mean it looks like a brick instead of a music player, and the controls are kind of awkward to use compared to the ipod. I think its nice that it plays more formats and has a built in fm tuner, but whats the point of having a radio when you have 30 gigs of music?
If you really compare the two and recent upgrades made on them, I'd have to give my hat to Zune. Apple and the Ipod being as big as it is, should have made more effort on the latest edition of the Ipod. So many are disappointed at the lack of new features that should have been included on the Ipod on the last release.

For 2006, I'd have to say the award goes towards the Zune. But the MP3 market is a fierce battle ground with many new companies, and old ones, stepping up to the plate.

Really looking forward to what the near future will bring. Wink
i hate that the ipod doesn't let you transfer your music for computer to computer. But on the other hand the itunes software is a whole lot easier to use than the zune. The zune software took hours to install and it is still a slow program. Its a giant program and it doesn't need to be. I do like the wi-fi and the fm tuner on the zune. The zune software also lets you copy songs strait from your zune to your computer unlike the apple where you had to get a specail program to get them off. Unlike apple the zune's limitaion is a ccually inside the firmware so when you send a song via wi-fi the song can only be played 3 times. this will be hacked in a bit, certain of it. The ipod locks its songs instaed of locking them from the firmware. this limits the transfer of music, which ticks me off. but overall i like the zune better because of the wider freedoms that it lets you have. This is whats going to sell the zune.
i haven't tried Zune and i have an iPod which i recently bought. Well, i love the stuff, it plays well and good enough. I will not take the risk of exchanging it for any other.
if you don't have an ipod yet, go ahead and get the zune, if you already have an ipod, theres no point really in getting a zune except a few more featurese
The zune has more features yes, but that isn't the questions. The question is does it have better features to make your music life better or is it just a waste of battery life?
Both Zune and iPod are grossly overpriced and sell just for the hype that they have managed in the market place. Down with these monopolistic attitude companies..

And as far as why Apple made iTunes for Windows.. just goes to prove that Apple knows that making an iPod software available only for Macs would lower their market share for the iPod by more than 90% (i have observed that 90% of the iPod owners I have met are Windows users and do not own a Mac)
bongoman wrote:
Zune to me is too clunky, I mean it looks like a brick instead of a music player, and the controls are kind of awkward to use compared to the ipod. I think its nice that it plays more formats and has a built in fm tuner, but whats the point of having a radio when you have 30 gigs of music?

Well who set the standard for how a music player is "supposed" to look? You can't say Apple because there are many other developers out there. Personally, I own a Zune, and absolutely love it. I couldn't stand the ipod because of their touch wheel. It was far too sensitive for me.

As for the WiFi, as of now, you can transfer the songs to another player and it will stay there for 3 days, at which time you will have to buy it in order to play it more.

As for the screen, well that in itself is clearly phenomenal. The larger clearer screen is far superior to any others on the market. Microsoft is also thinking about releasing games for it, as well as extending the amount of time a transferred song is stored and allowed to play. There are already ways around it. As long as both Zunes are running the mod, you can change the .wma to .jpg transfer it permanently as a pic, then change it back from .jpg to .wma and listen to it like you synced it yourself.
Apple has already dominated the market. And to the average user, an mp3 player is an ipod. Think about it, they don't call music players mp3 players, they call them ipods, no matter who makes it. Microsoft has a long uphill battle in marketing, to overcome the popular image of apple. Plus, everybody already has an ipod, and their happy with them, so why change?

But you never know, microsoft did come into the already dominated game console market and now they are a major competitor. so you never can know for sure. but i think apple and ipod are the better...brand.
in my opinion the iPod is still a much better platform than the Zune. Despite the larger screen on the zune, the iPod's design is still much more eligant and well thought out. Also the iPhone gives a lot of foreshadowing to what the next gen ipod will look like.

I think everyone would agree that drm is bad, but I tend to trust Apples closed platform more than I do microsoft. Microsoft screwed over all of its plays4sure customers and partners with their new zune marketplace drm. I don't think apple would ever up and abandon fairplay and alienate all of their current iTunes customers.

I would never invest in a platform like that unless I trusted the company behind it.

The zune is big and clunky and I'm willing to bet that in a year when the zune doesn't pickup as much market share as microsoft was hoping they will abandon the project.
Can anyone tell me about a reliable online store with international shipping from where I can buy Zune Player or Ipod?
ammonkc is a pretty good bet. And they are as international as it gets
ammonkc wrote: is a pretty good bet. And they are as international as it gets

Thanks, but I have found out that they don't ship items other than books and CD's to my region.
I know this isn't the best option, but eBay will definately have anything you're looking for. of course logistics varies from merchant to merchant.

I just checked out and they ship internationally via DHL. they would be worth taking a look at. The url is below.
They both suck! The I-pod is propritarily craptastic and the Zune with wrapping the music with DRM!? What were they thinking!?

I think I'll stick with my Sandisk Sansa e250. It's only 2G but also comes in 4-6 and 8G models, you can also use micro SD cards to add more storage. It's flash based memory so no hard drive to suck up more battery power, or moving parts to wear out. User replacable battery so I dont have to ship it back to the manufacturer when the battery finally dies. And the best part is that I can use whatever software I want to sync the device, or I can just drag and drop my music directly to the player.
ammonkc wrote:
I know this isn't the best option, but eBay will definately have anything you're looking for. of course logistics varies from merchant to merchant.

I just checked out and they ship internationally via DHL. they would be worth taking a look at. The url is below.

Thanks, I will definitely check it out.
I-Pod....short and sweet. well actually am baised cos i cant afford both, so i got an i-pod so never used a
psycosquirrel wrote:
The Zune was designed to beat the iPod, so it is obviously better.

I agree with you !

But I think most of the people already owns a Ipod or another flash mp3 like the new sandisks.
Doesn't make it better. Just because it was designed to beat the iPod.

The Zune is bigger then the iPod. Makes all the difference. I have a PSP they do fit in your pocket but nothing else will after you shoved that thing in there.

Zune has a lower quality screen. Because it is the same resolution as the iPod but it was streched bigger.

Features like FM Tranmitter and Wi-Fi are wireless devices. As anybody with wireless devices know that Wireless devices SUCK on the battery. So less battery time. A good comparison to that is look at your cell phone. Leave you cell phone open with the screen always on and it's battery will last for a week if not even 2 weeks. Now do the same thing but call people. You phone will only last for 1-2 days of battery.

Plus it all comes down to Zune MarketPlace sucks balls compared to iTunes. Then ppl like me that use Mac OS X as a normal computer can't use the Zune because it isn't compadible. Yes I have Vista but I use that for gameing I don't want to start downloading music and other crap on it that messes with the registry and I don't want that.
Microsoft doesn't seem to be doing much with Zune nowadays.

On the other hand, Apple has been busy creating variants of the iPod.

It has been split into two different categories now, namely, the Classical iPod and the iPod Touch.

Now, the classical iPod is coming in with a reduced price tag and much higher capacity to boot, while Apple has managed to port all the fancy features from the iPhone to the iPod through iPod Touch.

With this sort of competition, do you think Microsoft Zune really stands a chance? What about other players in the market like Creative Zen, SanDisk Xansa etc?

Apple seems to be leaving all the market players much behind now!
Yeah. I have to admit that I'm pretty much impressed by Apple's innovation on using the iPhone's design to come out with the iPod Touch. However, although it comes available with either 8GB or 16GB flash based storage, i don't think the capacity is enough to justify its $299 price tag. And, recently, the iPhone is being retailed at $399 for the 8GB version (the 4GB version is no longer available) as compared to the previous price of $599. That's a huge drop in price. If I were to consider between buying an iPod Touch or an iPhone, i wouldn't mind paying an extra $100 for the phone features of the iPhone. Therefore, IMO, i don't think there will be more overall sales coming from the iPod Touch.

Besides, the newly designed iPod Nano really looks odd with its screen being wider and thus, making it look fatter from the front. This is in contrast with the old design which looks cuter and easier to hold.
Hence, i would go for the new Creative Zen which is better but comparable to the iPod nano.
Lastly, Zune is definitely not my choice as its support for DRM-protected music is just crappy.
I can't say which is best, but I do feel that iPods have tended to work well.

However, for those of you who mentioned Creative, I have a Zen Touch and the sound quality can be bad at times, whereas the iPods I've listened to sound better. But, you can download and upload your music on the Creative free of b.s. protection so that's good.
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