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Should I get a snake?

When I was little, we had a pet snake named John Paul Jones III. He was a green snake, and I loved taking his shedded skin in to school for show and tell. But since I was little at the time, I don't really know how much care went into maintaining JPJ. But I've been thinking about getting another one. What do you guys think?
Hi there. I think that snakes and other reptiles make awesome, and really cool!, pets but they do require tons of work. Snakes in particular need to have light, warmth... I guess the best thing to do would be for you to head to a pet store and ask them since they would be able the best people to ask. Good luck!
My suggestion read up online what you really need to do and all. Thats what i did before i got my turtle. I think you should do it if you had a love for your snake. When i was little i had a snake (i forget how old i was) If you feel you have the time i say go for it.
A snake is the easiest pet to keep if you know what your doing! Constrictors like Pythons, Boas and Cornsnakes need very little looking after.

The main concern with these animals is getting their environment right and then getting a routine sorted. It's best to seek advice when setting up your vavarium. You can't just put a normal lightbulb in a tank this can stress a snake right out, special night lights etc are available. the tempreture needs to be correct (70-78F for the above snakes).

Feeding however can be awkward when working with Pythons or Boas because they can get real nervous. Start with a cornsnake as they are ideal. We feed ours 2 mice every 2 weeks. This makes for easy cleaning out as they only do 2 piles of mess a fortnight!

Make sure they have a place to hide / shelter and also put in something like a branch for them to climb on to relive bordome. Make sure there is a constant supply of water.

When setting up your vavarium make sure everything is sterile.

All snakes should be bought from a reputable breeder and best bought as a youngster. This helps to prevent illegal imports. Your snake should be born and bred in the country you buy it in.

Always read up on your snake before you get one and / or get advice from your local breeder.

They are great, what other pet can you get where you can go on holiday for a couple of weeks and not worry about it!? (They don't do much either, they are infact quite boring)!!!
Not knowing your age some of these remarks may not be appropriate, but here goes anyways. My experience is with my kids keeping reptiles as pets and in my opinion they are not an ideal pet for children. First of all the novelty of a owning a snake or turtle soon wears off. You can't pet them, you can't teach them tricks and you can't really play with them as you can with a dog or cat. Secondly the feeding process, giving cute cuddly mice to a snake can be offsetting to some. And it can be difficult to regulate the environment using heaters and such to keep the reptile healthy and content. This is just my experience with this type of pet and is not meant as a definitive answer in any way shape or form.
There is not one part of my post that isnt appropriate.

You should always buy a juvinile snake (not buy one whilst you are a juvinile)!

Snakes eat mice or rats and that is fact, if people find it offputting then they shouldn't buy a snake.

I haven't said anything about controling heat, I have stated what it needs to be done not how to do it!!! I have stated that you need to seek advice.

The "off the cuff" remark about them being boring is supposed to be 'off putting' as they are boring!

Once set up they are easy to keep, hardly anything needs to be done!!!

I'm afraid I belive that your reply to my post I rather stupid! I answered the initial post "Should I get a Snake" and not "Should I get a Snake the P.C. way"!, I was never going to be 'P.C' with my comment and I certainly never left myself to scrutiny!
Snakes are awesome pets, but like the previous posters said, they do require some work. I've owned a fox snake for about six years now and he's just a smudge over five feet long and thus is going to be needing a new cage soon, because the one we have for him currently is just too small, really. He's super docile and is the sweetest little thing, but we have to feed him frozen mice only because he is so domesticated that when we use live mice he's pretty much clueless as to what to do. But he keeps pretty easily. You will need some sort of light like everyone else has said too--we use an incandescant light for heat, but you can also use a full spectrum light too. If you're purchasing this pet for a kid, get a really nice, gentle docile kind of snake, a boa constrictor and whatnot is probably going to be waaay to much. But overall, snakes are awesome pets. Smile
S3nd K3ys
I've had lots of them from kings to boas. Great for pets. Low maint, you can leave them for weeks at a time without worry.

They don't like to cuddle much though. Wink
snakes take a good bit of work and money to keep them up in my experience. an old roommate had a big python (not sure what type) but he had a 4 inch wide middle and was still growing. they just stuck him in a 50g tank with heater bulbs and left him with nowhere to get out of the lights and his water bowl wasn't big enough for him to crawl into to cool down (the smaller snake in there wouldn't come out of the water). that snake ended up losing a lot of mobility bc his body was pretty much fried.

you'll have to be prepared to buy a tank and decorations (including a hidey hole so they can cool down) as well as day and night lights. then you'll have to either put them on a timer or keep up with them daily. then you'll have to feed once a week, i believe.

snakes freak me out, personally, but if you like them, they can still be well worth the time and money.
Snakes are pretty boring, I used to keep them because my brother kept them. The coolest ones I had were two Rinkhalse, I think they’re called spitting cobra’s but they’re not a true cobra. They were as wild as can be and always made a big deal when they saw me. I didn’t like the idea of feeding them live rodents so I fed them egg with a hypodermic syringe. They didn’t like that very much and I was always very nervous around them, eventually a sold them to the local snake park.
If you're ready for the responsibility, then go for it.
snakes are awesome, u shouold get one, get a boa constrictor,. the hugeest one you can get. that will be sooo awesome, then take pics of it online for us to see. snakes are one of the most facinating creatures on this planet.
THe idea of having a snake as a pet greatly intrigues me. I have quite a fascination with snakes but I don't think I would be able to have one since I do care for the welfare of other pets, like dogs, birds and such. XD
Put it on a plane
its pretty cool how snakes shed their skin but they're frightening, some snakes are poisonous and some aren't and I can enver tell. well i've touched a snake before and they aren't slimy but they're still not so cuddly
Captain Fertile
JonesyDaves wrote:
Put it on a plane


I don't know why it is so funny but when I read this I burst out laughing.

So funny, direct and to the point!!!!

Just one of those things that makes you laugh even though it doesn't seem to warrant it.

Thanks for the chuckle. Laughing Laughing Laughing
I think it's quite nice to have one.
Yea, snakes are pretty cool. I had a python years ago, about 8 feet long just a baby.

A small snake can get lost quite easily though as they can climb pretty well and squeeze through even a very small opening. The bigger it are the harder it is to loose it.
just one question...why would you want one? a dog is way more exciting then a snake. maybe i am missing something, but what makes a snake a great pet? what do they do? how much fun, really is one to have? what is the point?

am i missing something here, anyone?
i agree with rfarrand. i want a pet that i can train...ive trained my dog to do a lot of things, and this morning i saw a yahoo news photo of this chinese guy jump roping with his dog.

what can you train a snake to do?

I feel the same with cats, i feel like they are more apt to spread disease than dogs.

(am i a dog person or what?)
2 words......... SNAKES EWWWWW

LOL Yeah I'm a girl.

Captain Fertile
Why are snakes good pets?

While they are not right for everyone snakes can make good pets and the most fascinating creatures to watch and handle. For the purpose of this post I am going to talk about my favourite snake for beginners, the Cornsnake.

For instance feeding a snake is always an event. Holding a dead mouse at the end of a long pair of tongs waiting for the snake to strike is exciting. Trying to guess when the lightning reactions of the snake will happen sets your heart racing.

Watching a snake consume a mouse, chick, rat, rabbit, chicken. pig (depending on what size the snake is) is fascinating. How a creatures body can ‘mutate’ to allow the passage of food four, five, six or more time the normal width of the snakes head never ceases to amaze.

Watching the snake grow, from a tiny hatchling to a strong and healthy adult is very rewarding.

As it grows watching the growing cycle as the snake grows, becomes milky white as the time nears for it to shed its skin, as it sheds its skin slowly ‘stepping’ out of it leaving a perfect replica of its form behind and the vivid colours of its new skin, Cornsakes in particular come in a huge variety of colours – some of them quite amazing.

Aside from these here are advantages they have over cats, dogs and other usual pets.
1. No fur so they make good pets for people with allergies to pet fur
2. No fur means none of that wet dog smell around the place.
3. No noise, snakes are silent and, as a rule, they do not go around hissing and spitting like you see on the movies. No complaints from the neighbours ever about noise.
4. The only eat once every two weeks or so so cheap and easy to feed.
5. They only use the toilet once every two weeks or so, this usually involves simply removing a solid pellet that contains all the waste from the snake.
6. No smelly poos and widdles – the snake waste does not leave a nasty odour around the place unless you leave it in the vivarium for too long of course.
7. They live a long time, around 17 years has been recorded so they don’t pass away with the regularity of say a hamster or gerbil.
8. Once the vivarium is set up they are very low maintenance.
9. No need to exercise them, they don’t need to go for walks and are suitable for small apartments.
10. When you handle a snake you can build up a surprising bond with the creature, handle them daily and they will learn to trust you and not mind being handled.

There is more to caring for a Cornsnake but those are the main highlights.

As I mentioned, snakes are not for everyone and they should be well researched before buying one to be sure you know what you are letting yourself in for in regards to their set-up and care.

I would not hesitate in recommending a Cornsnake to anyone as long as they are well prepared and mature enough to care for one – they are not to be bought as a status symbol or just to look cool. Another thing, they should not be feed live mice etc. if you want to see that kind of thing then maybe you are better suited to attending some other type of blood sport and you should rethink your motives for buying the snake.
I would like a dog to be genetically engineered to do #5.

No wait, no I don't, that would be weird as I'm sure there would be some unseen consequences.
Captain Fertile
peaceninja wrote:
I would like a dog to be genetically engineered to do #5.

No wait, no I don't, that would be weird as I'm sure there would be some unseen consequences.

Yeah I have to agree there. If a dog could be engineered to do that I would get one tomorrow.

I wonder what the consequences could be??? Hmmm, maybe the pellet would be the size and weight of a wardrobe! Very Happy

Sorry, please forgive this off topic post - I had to reply to the last post it made me smile.
    Yes get yourself a nice little African Brown House snake. They can grow to over a meter and makes a very safe snake to keep. If you’re a little more adventurous you can maybe go for a nice exotic African Gaboon Adder, a lot prettier than a Brown House snake but if it puts one of its 2.5cm fangs into you, you lose a limb only if you’re lucky.

    (For those that find what I say unclear, I am not insinuating that the snake will bit your arm or leg off but that the poison will cause such a severe degeneration of tissue that the limb would become unusable. The lucky part is that you only become crippled you do not die).
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