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favorite guitar strings?

Hey everyone... I thought i'd post a question instead of a poll because there are too many name brands and types and gauges of strings
so yeah...
what do you usually buy?
me... I really like d'darrio 9's they are awesome...
I always buy Dean Markley strings (High Gain Series), because they're cheap and relatively durable for the price. I used to use Ernie Ball strings, but they broke too fast.
D'addario 11-52, tuned E Mr. Green I've got very beautiful fingers...

I used to put 10-46 Elixir strings, but they are very expensive and too soft (for me), and they aren't so durable (in my hands lol)
i use Ernie ball power slinky and regular slinky. It's mainly because theyre cheap though, but i think they are ok.
I have super slinkys on my guitar as of now Very Happy they are also awesome
dr red devils Very Happy
D'addario .10's
Beautiful Les Paul.. Cool
I know it must sound pretty idiotic, but it's true. When I first bought them I was such an ignorant I didn't know the brand. When someone asked me which strings I'd bought and I answered Fender, they looked at me like if I'd only bought them 'cause of the name. But I must say they're great, although not very cheap.
Still, they're my favourites Cool
For my electric guitar i've always used Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys (standard gauge). They've always been good to me so I've never seen a reason to try any others. I have played on Rotosound strings on friends' guitars before but have found them to be harsh on the fingers.

I use Rotosound Swingbass standard gauge strings on my Bass.
I used to use the Nano strings from Elixir, but those got dirty quick. Probably because I didn't clean them off after every play, but I don't have that kind of memory ... X| Good strings, though, but pricey.
Ernie Ball, no doubt
I used to used Elexirs, but they were a drain on my wallet (great sound though), so for less money I tried a set of martins (ehhh, they didn't excite me). Right now I have a set of D'addario strings (medium guage) and those are good strings i think.
D'addario. I don't seem to be very original Smile
since i used DR strings for the first time i don't buy any other strings. I play metal and they really suit my needs. And they last very long, they are keeping 'fresh&crunchy' sound for about six months. I almost don't clean strings.
The Mitchell
heavy bottom skinny tops on everything. bass, guitar, synth.... no.. wait a minute... somehow thats wrong Confused

the best for me! D'addario Pro art classic (I'm music classic player xD)

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky for me. Of course I'm not much of a player...more of an enthusiast. I have a BC rich Warlock...crap.
I use DR 10's on my electrics, they seem to be a little easier on the hands, which is a good thing for my tendonitis.

right now i have elixirs on my acoustic, still not sure if its worth the extra dough though.
D'addario for sure Smile)))
D'addario 10's. I've tried 9's and thought they were a bit skinny for my liking.

Ernie Ball 10s are my favourites.
I've been using GHS Boomers practically since I started playing electric...I thought they were great, but I'd never really tried anything else. Last time I went to buy strings, they were sold out of the Boomers so I picked up some Dean Markleys. I think I'll probably stick with them, they seem to have a longer life-span.
I'm a bass player, but I really like d'addario slowwounds. They have a nice deep tone.
Cedar Speeder
For acoustic: Elixer Nanoweb Custom Lights. More expensive, but for acoustic guitar the sound difference and string life improvement are very noticeable from my experience.

For electric: D'addario 9s, though that's more out of habit than anything else. Tried Elixer's after discovering them for acoustic, but the difference wasn't enough to justify the price.

A note on Elixer's: I've had very good experience with their customer support. They will replace any string that you believe broke sooner than it should have and they do it quickly and without a hassle.
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