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Free Rich Text Editor

hey, can someone suggest a free php rich text editor script for me, which can be easily installed and configured for my blog administration area? I need it to post my entries easily.
I believe what your looking for is something like webEdit, there is a demo for testing here :

And you can find it at,
below is what was put at for description:

This is a simple php script to enable online editing of pages, without using a database. Text you want to edit is stored in separate text files. Does not have an automatic setup script, but there is a detailed README.txt explaining setup and use. A log file can be kept of all edits. This script is bare bones, and manual. It is only suitable for very simple edited content. Basically, each page's editable content links to a text file. The text file is included with a server side include. These text files can be edited live in the edit page. Version 0.3 fixes a line ending bug, also makes it easier to customize the edit page. See versions.txt for more info.

to download this script, you have to go here:

remember, tar.gz is simply a compressed file
it is actually compressed twice.
Within that "tarball" as we call it, is a file much like a file zipped up.
Let us suppose you have a file called 'sasfiles.tar.gz'. The .tar.gz filename extension implies that an archive file (.tar) was first created with the 'tar' utility and then a compressed file (.gz) was created with the 'gzip' utility. Hence the reason for the .tar.gz file.

you can try to get a free program to uncompress it, and try it,,,
Winzip for Windows can *uncompress* .tar, .gz, and .tar.gz.
WinRAR is able to unpack the following popular archive formats

you can get those here: these are trial versions, and are not free,, but you can download to try:
Winzip :
good luck
I strongly recommend FCKeditor.

Its free and has a lot of features AND looks (a little bit) like word (which many users really like)
LukeakaDanish wrote:
I strongly recommend FCKeditor.

Having used the FCKeditor for the administration pages I designed for a project, I'll second that. It even allows you to customize the toolbars in case you don't want the users to have certain features, etc. In addition to being easy to use, it is legitimately free, so you may use it legally and you may use it here.
I suppose Ill be checking out this FCKeditor
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