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superman tv series: which is the best?

I am fan of the comic figure of superman, and I also love the tv series, but which one is the best:

-Lois & Clark

I can not really choose, and you?
If you want an ugly suit, lame acting, VERY bad special effects, and super-duper stupid stories; watch Lois and Clark.

If you on the other hand want top notch effects, no suit at all, better looking females, full action each episode and neat stories(with some cheesy ones, and some spacefillers), watch Smallville.
I find lois and clark more the romantic type, and somehow the relation is nicer, but only the 1 and 2 season. After it really gets stupid.

On the other hand, smallville has very special effects, but the characters are really strange, specially the lana lane, who really changed her character, I find smallville good, but they do not know what to do with the characters and they change them a lot. In this was better lois and clark, since they really keep the characters, and I really like lois lane character. I find her great Smile
Lois & Clark sucked. It was like the Adam West Batman show, but for Superman, and not retro enough to be cool.

It was cheezy, had ridiculous plots and even worse resolutions, and is just generally painful to watch.
Hi people,

I just loved so much Lois and Clark - Dean Cain is my favorite Superman.

Smallville is very cool to, I can΄t loose any episode.
lois and clark have less exciting... but I still love both
Louis and Clark is cheesey and over the top, so for me it's better. It also follows the SM cannon closer than Smallville does.

IMO Series 1 and most of 2 of Smallville sucked, series 3+ however is a great show to watch. But alas, it isn't cheesey enough for me to truely appreciate Smile
mrblah wrote:
Wasn't there also another series from the 80's that was baesd on Superman? Maybe it was Superboy?


Yeah, you are right, I completely forgot about this serie! Thanks a lot for bringing it up.
I will try to find out some info in internet.

About the other really old superman series, I never saw it, although I think they are selling some DVD. Did someone follow this old series?
kevin briggs
smallville is the best because of specal effects,better stories and better character development.
I like Smallville very much. But Lois & Clark too. It really has it's charm. I really cannot deside! They are both best - in different ways.
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