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yeah... I had mentioned this before (but I'll say it again)

versign sold me "" back when info first came out... but they never let me do anything with it... eventually I had to demand my money back... should have sued them to force them to let me use it, but that thought only came as an after thought.

Since then I haven't even thought about that type of domain.
I was just wondering because so many 3 letter domains are taken and there are some .info's that would work... but I never (ever) have used a .info as a visitor... click through or otherwise...

I guess I really wondered if anyone had success marketing one and/or if anyone takes a site on one serious...

really just opening the floor for any thoughts about the domain ext.

- shaun
I'm not that picky about domain extensions but I can see where you are coming from. Experienced web users will know that they are cheaper and it can damage the image the website is trying to project. However, I don't usually care what the domain is, so long as it's easy to remember and short I'm happy. I think length is one of the most important things in a domain name.
Well the thing about this is a company will look very obscure using a largly unknown domain name, my dad had never even heard of .net Laughing .
But really its weird to see anything but .com for example I was watching TV (I must be the only one who still does that) and an ad for super smack down came on, it used a .tv I was shocked and soon after forgot the domain.
At times I ask why there is no .movie and all movies have, thats because people dont go to sites with domains they never heard of, really they don't, I'm not sure why.

Anyway I hope I didn't waste to much of you life with this post and I hope it helped you understand my theory.

Reddish Blue

Thing is, domain name extensions have a purpose, and more and more people get used to it now. For instance, all major NON PROFIT websites have .ORG names, whereas some online shops begin to have .BIZ

Here in france we have quiet a lot of ASSO.FR (which stands for non profit, small-sized associations).

.NET is not too bad either.
.INFO is not very widespread it's true, and some registrars here have discounted its price in order to jumpstart it, as with other extensions (.BE for Belgium, France's neighbour; or even the .FR for Frence has been extended to physical persons (you had to be a company before to register it, now anyone can claim its own).

The only one I can think off that never really takes off is .NAME

But, in the end, .COM will always be the king.
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