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Registration page, i really need some help!

Hey guys,
I've been searching the net for ages looking for registration scripts for people to submit their info on my website. I came across a site with a registration system that i like a hell of a lot.

So this is the site This is the same thing i'd like (except with my own options).

Then once you submit your information, it goes to I'm not sure if it automatically gets submitted to that page, or someone from the site manually adds it. Anyway i'd like it to automatically submit information straight to the page (what i specify) and over to the far right i want to have it saying whether they have payed or not (which i manually add in).

Any ideas how i would make that registration page (that's my main goal) and have it automatically submit specific text to the list page?

Thanks guys for all your help, it's greatly appreciated.
what exactly are you asking? are you asking how to code it in php and mysql, or are you asking for someone to help you find a script like you want?
your best bet is to use mysql and php to make your own script,,, makeing a form to insert the information into a mysql database, using php... and make yourself an administration page that is password protected to update the mysql with wheather or not the new member had paid... has an ipn (instant payment notification) that you could integrate into your script, and when they pay with you could set up your administration to let you know they had paid, and click a link, or button to update their information in the database, or work your code out to where it might do it for you... automaticly...

and usually when your dealing with a form, it will go to the next page, or itself when submited,,, and go through the code to add the information to the database...
what i mean by itself, is you can have variables tell the submit button to use registration.php and go to registration.php?submit=yes and it finds new code like below

echo "do this code";
echo "do this code instead";

This code is not exactly the way it should be, and will not work... but is an example of what you will see as the code.. and I think I got my } and ) mixed up,,, been long time.....
Ok i did't really understand what you were trying to say. If there is anyone on here that would be interested in coding this for me, or even helping me out, that would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes, I have some PHP knowledge. My concept of register is user registers, they get an email which they have to follow a link and then they are really registered. Just explain to me more about what to would like.
Basically i just want them to fill in the fields, accept the TOS then submit it and it will get sent to my email.
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