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150 frih$ if you make me a login script with....

Right anyone who can make me a good php login script with mysql, ill give you 150 frih$ but it must have these things.

-Login page.
-Logout page.
-Register Page(make it so i can sometimes disable registration or enable it)
-Forgot pass thingy.
-Email confirmation/activation.
-Profiles Page (with users in order of which they registered in nice tables or something)
-Admin page(for deleting users,adding users etc.

on register page i would like
-Age (optional)
-Location (optional)

and the reason im asking here is cuz those scripts from hotscripts and stuff isnt what im looking for. i need something like i just mentioned above. ive tried to make my own but it wasnt too good.i couldnt do email confirm or logout page and forgot pass and all that. so if you could make this it would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Got most of them
>_< id rather have it custom made to my specifics.
I will have a go at one for you. It should be fairly simple. Ill PM it to you when its done.
ncwdavid wrote:
I will have a go at one for you. It should be fairly simple. Ill PM it to you when its done.
k mate thanks Very Happy how long should it take to do?
Give me about 2 hours becuase im busy but probably less. I am adding in a "Confirm Password" field. Is that alright? do you need anything else because i dont want to be half way through the script and i need to add something else into it?
no just everything thats on the list at the top.
ok ncwdavid made the script for me and it works great Very Happy thanks, i sent ur 150 frih$
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