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News management system...

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Cute news is a powerful and easy for using news management system that use flat files to store its database. It supports comments, archives, search function, image uploading, backup function, IP banning, flood protection ...

Quick and easy installation
You don't need MySQL, everything is stored in files
Visitors can post comments
Can be used smilies, avatars and HTML code
Optional support of categories and multiple templates
Password protected admin page
3 different levels of user access
Add/Edit/Post news, comments and users online
Auto archiving of old news
No news building, everything is automated
Edit news templates
Visitors can search in your news news database
Password protected names in comments
IP banning visitors from posting comments
Flood protection
Auto wrap long words in comments
Time Adjustment
Backup Function
And many more cool functions ...
Can cutenews be used in an HTML-made page only? Pardon me because I have not used cutenews before. Or this cutenews is only compatible with PHP pages? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Very Happy
i think cutenews is only compatible with PHP Confused Official site
Pretty bad. Soon I have to shift to PHP Nuke.
php nuke customizability is quite limited. You just know when a person uses a nuke template.
cutenews don´t use mysql? strange... but it is good
cute news dont use sql, the log file is a txt file, more speed Cool
yes you need php files for it to be displayed. Cutenews is very good and has many uses and compatable for every with an easy to use admin panel for all.

But this topic is based on a post with a link and a chunk of details copied and pasted fromt heir site so....

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