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well. im planning to move to linux and i dunno what linux i should use.

any suggestions?

i would like a linux that eats only few memory /processes..
the one i think that can fit with pentium 3 500mhz with 384mb ram for my laptop..
but i want to make sure that i would get most out of my internet connection (2Mbps internet connection).

some said i should try Ubuntu or kubuntu but i think based from the screenshots it use alot of memory or processor..

so guys i need to know which linux would be best...
please include the link to the download site..

thank you.

EDITED:: I forgot to mention that it must be a linux that can support multi OS... i have windows on the other partition and i would like to install a linux in another partition.. the one that doesnt conflict with windows..

thanks again
To create a new partition, just look for Partition Magic, you can google it and download.
About the Unix based system, you should specify what you want more.
If you want a server PC, just try Red Hat or Slackware.
A "common" Pc i can recommend the SUSE or Debian...
Like i said, it's personal.

Just google for those terms.
just for PC...

and i know how to create partition.. all im asking is that if the linux would be installed along with widnows with another partition..

SUSE or Debian = what is the counterpart of it in windows?

whats the counterpart of windows 2000 in linux?
Stubru Freak
How can we give every Linux distribution a counterpart in Windows if there is only one Windows?
I would go for xubuntu. It runs perfectly on a laptop with 128mb RAM.
I would suggest Debian. Just do the manual package installation to get some lightweight stuff. I run it on a Pentium II with 64MB RAM.
+1 for debian.

I run it on an ibm 600e laptop. It has a PII 466 with 128 megs of ram. It runs perfict except for my sound card. Most linux distros don't support older sound cards in laptops. That is my only complaint but any thing is better than windows.

I would recomend trying some of the live cd's like knopix before you do a full install. It is better to get a little experiance before you commit to a distro.

Thats my 2 cents. I hope you find one you like.

Good luck
Very Happy
Thank you guys for your tips..

i guess i would go for xubuntu -thanks stubru freak..

now, all i need to know is how to make Linux and windows xp do a multi-boot..?

i mean how to configure th multi boot?

and please give me a step by step procedure on how to install it? also on how to install it in a partition..

thank you!
charlo_blade123 wrote:
Thank you guys for your tips..

i guess i would go for xubuntu -thanks stubru freak..

now, all i need to know is how to make Linux and windows xp do a multi-boot..?

i mean how to configure th multi boot?

just make some free space on your hard drive and let the installer to take all free space for linux....
its easy... just try....

multiboot will be configured automaticaly - for most distributions
if not so(gentoo or debian will not do that)
you need to add the new entry for window in the linux boot manager
Link - if you wana chose a distribution
ubuntu or suse - windows like distributions....
debian - more funny
gentoo or slackware - realy interesting and hard to start
ps imho of course
Ubuntu, by the way, is derived from Debian. So imo Debian is the real thing Very Happy
Ei, i have tried Live CD of Xubuntu but i dont like the interface.. its too weird!
i want a linux with the same interface of windows..

i have seen a linux computer before and it looks more like windows with a differnet theme..


also im having trouble installing it.. u dunno what to do at the partition stage.. all i want to install it on partition 1 which is unallocated partition..
If you want Linux to look like Windows I suggest trying IceWM. It's a package in Debian. Here's one screenshot. IceWM is lightweight, too!
IceWM makes it look so Windows 2k, which is ugly
Actually the IceWM I know makes it look Windows 95, which they even state themselves. Besides you can also choose other skins like OS/2 or totally different stuff.

If you'd want it to look like Windows XP I'm not with you anyway...
How about slackware ? i like slackware . this is light for my laptop ( Pentium III with only 256 MB) i have tried suse,ubuntu,mandrake and fedora. but the one that i choose Slackware.

Slackware release 11.0 Version this is amazing.

In the past time i think slackware was hard to be installed but now I Love It Very Much.
charlo_blade123 wrote:
well. im planning to move to linux and i dunno what linux i should use.

any suggestions?

Erm... try the sticky topic called I want to get Linux, Which one is best?. Please search before posting.

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