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Prince of Persia

Hey every1

Prince of Persia is such a classic, just beutifull,
it is my favourite game, i played all 3 versions, Prince of persia sands of time, worrior within, and two thrones, it is sik. when ever i finished each one i felt like getting another version, and when it came out i was to grab it off the shelf, but now i played all of them and finished them,

i heard that aanother game is gonna come out simmiler to princeofp..... also made by the same people Ubisoft, and its called Assassins creed, its gonna be fully sik i cant w8,

If u want classic go back to basics. The old vers, Prince of Persia 1 & 2.
Though I must say I share your sentiments to a certain extent. I found 'The Two Thrones' to be a lot easier than Warrior Within, which certainly has the best atmosphere to it.
The original versions are the classics!! i still enjoy playing them occassionally! and the first part in the new trilogy is an absolute beauty! i dont remember the number of times ive played it over and over again! didnt really like the other two parts
Prince of Persia Sand of time is really great. Damn the gameplay is so really good even the combo system is outstanding just like the DEVIL MAY CRY games.
I've only played The Two Thrones from the modern Prince games, I enjoyed it, but one of my mates is a hige PoP fan and says it sucks compared to Sands.

Is it worth going out and picking up a copy of Sands? It looks lovely and is really tempting me to part with not os hard earned cash.

TT is a good game, only problem was is was short and easy, playing with the Dark prince was great fun though. If you've not played it I heartily recommend it Smile
the classic prince of persia 2 is awesome!!!
Yeah, a lot of people don't realize Sands of Time wasn't the first Prince of Persia game. It may be one of the best, though.
I played prince 1, prince 2 and played a demo of sands of time i believe. I got stuck immediately and couldn't find a way out. Damn stuff. Frustrated I removed the demo and decided not to buy a copy of the full game. Should I?

I agree - a complete classis game! I must admit though - i only played the first one - I am showing my age a bit! But really a classis. For its time, it was one of the first games to have realistic human motion. And the imagination was incredible. For instance, usually in a game if you fall down a pit, its game over and you dont even see where the guy falls! But in this one, each pit is a part of the level and some of them you can visit if you figure out a secret way to get there. You really get the feeling that you are in a dungeon where anything can happen. Fun stuff! Laughing
I must say all version PoP is good. but i like WW because only with this version you can cut head Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Hey there guys. Yeah the POP trilogy is an incredible series. I first played the 3rd one and I was blown away! It was awesome! I could not get enough of the graphics, soundtrack, plot and combat. After finishing it I played the Warrior Within! Yes I realize that I turned them into prequels! In fact I adored the WW even more than number 3!! The combat in 2 is sick. It is soooo good, so fluid and so fast!! The story is dark, gritty, and utterly mind blowing in my opinion. Plus it was HUGE! I mean the thing took "forever" to finish! It was incredible, especially the creature chasing parts (sorry but I forgot his name! Its been over a yr. since i played it!) and the multiple endings. Surprisingly I haven't played the 1st one yet! I am going to play it and then replay 2 and 3 this fall and winter. I can't wait!! I also heard about the new Ubisoft project and I can't wait for it. Ok catch you later.
yes prince of persia games are really great, not just the sands of time triology games but also the old 2d ones. but my favored is warrior within and i still cant figure out wy Wink
Aah. Prince of Persia. Awesome series. Well it took me 6 days to download pop:ww. I have good connection but it was torrent and I downloaded jst 1 week back so very late. But the game is really awesome. The best is pop:2t according to me. Razz
Solo Turco
I remember the first Prince of Persia. It was DOS game! I couldn't stop myself playing becasue i enjoyed very very much! Skeletons came and made stupid fights, there were drugs lool... Haha, now it seems very stupid and useless... But that time, this game was very popular... Ah noo, not popular because not everyone had computer in the past Very Happy
the prince of Persia is a wonderful game and my opinion is that is one of the best games in the last years.
Very Happy
but i played just in the first and the second and i don't know how was the third sooooo
i don't know how to respond about him. Crying or Very sad
I loved the newer Prince of Persia set. Graphics and Gameplay were just awesome. I loved the fighting system.

Though overall the storyline caught me. I really enjoyed it.
I loved Sands of Time. Excellent game, everthing about it is great. The graphics, gameplay, controls, story. Definetly something Ubisoft should be proud of.

yeah prince of persia the sands of time was a beauty,for the first time playin with time was cool, and the graphics at that time were pretty good,
i loved the prince of persia game that i had at one time (dont know what happened to it Confused ) the graphics are really nice and the gameplay keeps you interested
I haven't played the newer ones but I LOVE the original. I found a flash remake of the original awhile back and it brought back so many memories of playing it as a small child. I always faintly remembered a game involving a guy jumping over stuff and such, but I didn't remember where it was from until i saw the flash.
Assiez wrote:
I haven't played the newer ones but I LOVE the original. I found a flash remake of the original awhile back and it brought back so many memories of playing it as a small child. I always faintly remembered a game involving a guy jumping over stuff and such, but I didn't remember where it was from until i saw the flash. gotta try the sands of time trilogy. amazing
I played the "original" Prince of Persia, and it was awesome at the time. Actually I would still play it if it was available today.

Fast forward 20 years LOL
I got Prince of Persia (sands of time) for my son and really loved watching him play it. The new concepts were fantastic, and the rewind feature was sheer brilliant!

I did not get him the next Prince of Persia becuase of the mature warning. Pitty they did that, or I would have bought it too.
I liked Prince of Persia Sands of time the best, but also enjoyed warrior within and the 2 thrones.

If assassin's creed is going to have similar gameplay I'll probably end up getting that too.
did you know?: betwen the 2 classics and the 3 new modern POP games ther whas another simply calld POP-3D it cinda sucked
Yes Prince of Persia 3D was really bad.

I too was a fan of the original 2D games and also their predicessor Karateka!
I had karateka on my Commodore 64, the animations were so fluid it blew my mind. The game play was quite simple, a series of fights to reach the boss, but the fights were challenging... it paved the way for other fight games and gave Prince of Persia something to build from.

Did you know you can access the VGA version of the original Prince of Persia while playing Sands of Time? I forget how to do it but I'm sure you can find the details online. I did it on the PS2 version but the game didn't play very well and was a bit frustrating, but fun to see.
I love the oldest of the Prince of Persia series. The one that has 4 colors only Razz
It's so basic but it's still a lot of fun. I remember having finished it and started it over again Very Happy
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