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Celiac disease

My wife has been diagnosed with celiac disease or wheat allergy.Our entire lifestyle has changed as she cannot eat wheat products at all. Only rice is used at home. Even though rice is good for my wife, it has heped me put on unhealthy weight thanks to preponderance of carbohydrates.
My daughter and I eat wheat outside the home in restaurants.
Large-scale consumption of white rice causes nutritional difficulties ultimately.
I hope that there is a cure for wheat allergy.
There is no real cure for wheat allergy just as there are no real cures for most allergies. While some allergies can be overcome by exposure therapies or antihistaminergic medications, this is not true for celiac disease (also known as Celiac Sprue or gluten-sensitive enteropathy). It is actually an allergy to gluten, which is found in rye, barley, oats, and wheat. Because it is hereditary for ~10% of people, your daughter should be aware of any gastrointestinal symptoms that she may have in response to the food items mentioned above, especially after she passes 20 years of age.

I'm afraid changing foods is the only lifelong solution to dealing with this condition. While steroids can modulate the immune system to diminish allergy activity, they wreak havoc on our bodies and cause illness by modulating the immune system and have to be used carefully and as a last resort.

As for dealing with your own diet, you should know that rye, barley, oats, and wheat are all carbohydrates just like rice!! You shouldn't worry as much about carbohydrates as you do about all the things you eat. Carbohydrates are a very important source of energy for our bodies but just as with anything you shouldn't overdo it. It is best to try and have a diet that incorporates calories from fat, protein, and carbohydrates that do not total more than you need per day. Here is a list of foods that do not contain gluten and are good for you:

Cheese (low-fat)
Lean pork
Lean beef (in moderation)

But yes, if you only eat white rice you will have problems. However, your wife's condition is no reason to avoid all the healthy foods listed above.

For more reading on celiac disease, go here:
I find that it's all about the alternatives, potatoe bread can be pretty good for instance, lots of soy based products are out there as well. My husband leads a gluten free lifestyle if you need any ideas or recipes let me know.
They are working on a new enzyme, I believe derived from a fungus, that will allow celiacs to eat gluten again. It is a good idea to stay off the gluten since malnutrition and even lymphoma can result. I know it is a big pain. Diet is all pervasive, we do eat everyday, well, at least I do
i dont eat gluten and at first it was really hard to get used to not grabbing bread for convenience, but now after 1 1/2 years I cant imagine eating it! The hardest part is that gluten/wheat hides in almost all packaged foods. So you have to be really careful about what you buy. I eat everything from scratch and enjoy an organic wholefoods diet, and I dont miss wheat/gluten at all. I am also dairy free and corn that takes away almost everything premade. But I learned to cook with gluten free flours and youd be amazed at how much tastier most things are when you have to get creative! The only thing hard to do with no gluten is make really scrumptious yeast bread......
but with all the other possible foods to eat, with a little practice you wont look back!

good luck,
Celiac disease is associated with hyposplenism. As a result, children with celiac disease should be immunized with a pneumococcal vaccine. In the United States, most children are immunized during infancy with the conjugate vaccine. Like other children who are at increased risk for invasive pneumococcal disease, children with celiac disease should receive an additional series of polysaccharide vaccine as appropriate for their age.
Instead of rice, which your wife might like, you could eat wheat yourself, can you not?
Keep wheat based products separately only for you and your child?
Or don't eat the rice. Confused
I have a friend who developed celiac disease. She was at risk since she also has diabetes and I imagine, if its genetic, she may have some family history with it too. It boggles my mind to see how she was restricted from eating some foods as she had to watch her sugar levels. Now she has to be even more careful because there are a lot of foods she can't eat that she used to rely on. It makes it more difficult for her to go places and hang out with friends when she is afraid of not being able to eat the food there. She always used to bring some snacks with her when she just had diabetes to worry about. Now that she has developed celiac disease she basically brings her lunch and dinner with her and a ton of other things she can eat just in case.

I feel bad for the position she's in but I'm envious of her. She takes such great care of herself and she just knows when something is off with her body, even if its just her sugar being a little off. She's amazing!
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