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Is my website allowed in Frihost?

Hi, my website is a free manga fansub, basically what we do is translate mangas to the Spanish, of course, our projects are mangas that have not been licenced, is not illegal or something like that, you will not have any problem, i swear Wink
And why should that be a problem?
xiao wrote:
And why should that be a problem?

Gibzon wrote:
basically what we do is translate mangas to the Spanish, of course, our projects are mangas that have not been licenced
Hola gibson, soy nicaraguense y te tengo una pregunta. Que es un manga subhust.

Saludos Raul.
Manga es la palabra japonesa que designa a las historietas, cómics, tebeos o monitos. Por extensión se llama así a la historieta de cualquier país que imite o muestre rasgos de la historieta nipona. La palabra manga, cuyo significado literal es 'dibujos caprichosos' o 'garabatos', fue un representante del Ukiyo-e, Hokusai Katsushika, quien acuñó el término manga al combinar los kanji correspondientes a 'informal' (man) y 'dibujo' (ga).
Ok, we'll accept it, but if I find illegal files on your account, it will be removed immediately, without warning.
Bondings: the thing about fansubs is that they technically are illegal but are not sold for money.

there is a written law set down by the original fansubbers that: "it is fine to make fansubs of any unlicensened anime/manga videos as long as when it becomes licensed, it is stopped in distrubution"

none of the anime/manga creators have taken legal action and some actually enjoy and use fansubs for there products when they licensence them and sell them. plus its free promotion for there shows in the USA so nobody really cares about them.
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