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I am finding true love

Who could ever imagine that someday a great knew and felt...would collapse. Yes my friends, im talking about my life and love that destructed my everyday living. We were just talking lovingly and sharing beautiful moments when suddenly one day my girlfriend speak out to me that she's not in love anymore. Oh men, i'm badly hurt. And now, I'm looking for true love. But it seems no one ever want, need, like and love me...PLEASE help me !! Sad
Think of something really bad that happened to you five or more years ago. Are you still miserable over it now? Is it still crippling your life? I'm guessing "no" and "no" would be your answers to my two questions.

This is very much the same although it is difficult to feel that way. If you two were in love, it should not be good enough to you to let her just say she is not in love. You should at least ask if there was a problem or an issue that you could address or if there was something she wanted but wasn't getting. Communication is very key. But, in the end, it doesn't always work out.

Remember this, someone did want, need, like, and love you. It ended. But she did. You will meet many, many people in your life - and I would encourage you to meet as many as you can. You should consider it inconceivable that not one of the thousands of people you will meet will be able to want and love you. I consider it inconceivable. It just always takes more time than we want ('cause it's such a wonderful thing we want it NOW).
Oh I ve had the same problem and it still pains me. Today I´ve got new news, she thought, that I love her too much, or something like this, I can't explain it in English. She was right about one thing - I would do everthing of her! But she didn't like it, she could say a word about it, but she didn't, she turned her back on me without any word of complaining. Nothing jsut SMS. I had some problems with it and i've hurt her this month too many times, more than she perit. I've realy loved her! But now, i have another girl, and i hope it will be better tahn with the old-one.
Hey bejmd...thanks buddy! I like your advice. But I'm still a little bit hurt and sad. But don't you worry I will be alright. This is just part of my healing process.

About meeting someone, I have this girl that I courted just this days. Hopefully this girl will like me. But my ex-girlfriend is still bothering on my mind sometimes. I think I am really in love.... I hate this feeling...But anyways... Very Happy Thanks a lot!
I understand how you feel. Just dont let yourself down thinking what the hell happend wrong.

Let LOVE find you. Wink

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