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How to Use FTP in Windows XP with ISA Server on Network

When using an FTP Software to upload files to Frihost, it gives FTP error " 550: Your ISA Server denied this operation "
I don't have access to ISA Server. Is there any way to bypass it.

Is there any way to upload zipped files to DirectAdmin and then unzip them?

Or is there any way to upload files through third party online FTP Service?
ibay wrote:
Is there any way to upload zipped files to DirectAdmin and then unzip them?

You can upload compressed tar.gz files and unzip them within DirectAdmin.
and how to make tar.gz if using windows XP?
You can use 7-Zip to create your tar.gz files (option Tar when compressing)

As for the FTP restrictions... If you're not allowed to use FTP, maybe you shouldn't try and bypass it, as may get in trouble. IF it was locked out, it was done for a reason.

Be Well Cool

P.S. - I run ISA Server on my work and I have had simillar problems with people bypassing the proxy... it's very easy to detect and afterwards the worker is in trouble (as I (As will your Systems Administrator) usually report those things).
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