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What's your favourite game genre?

I love FPS because of the realism and the action/adrenaline you get from it.
What about you?
Point and click adventure games, because of the immense humor and sense of success in them OR the really odd "doesn't really fit into a category" game, like any of the ones on
Third-person action/adventure and FPS.

some of my fav titles, POP Trilogy, HL2 & Episodes etc
Platformers, third-person action/adventure games, and the occasional FPS. The main platformers I play are Mario, and that's about it. Zelda is most definitely the best franchise in teh action/adventure genre. Then there are Halo and Metroid, which would go down as basically the only FPSs I play. Good times I've had with these games. Good times. Smile
rpg's and firstperson shooters....and driving games
I liked strategy games but i dont like to play any games anymore. I don't know I dont like it anymore.
By the way, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was also very good for me...
I was playing Championship Manager and Football Manager. They were very nice as strategy games Laughing
Simulation like Caesar 3, Civiliazation and sorts...

RPG are fine too, if the story line is good..
RPG and FPS clearly Smile only some in for each genre though.
RPG, im more fantasy then im sci-fi and in FPS games im more to tactical games like Battlefield series, i dislike Counter-Strike more and more since i stopped playing it Smile
RPG because it's more complex and time consuming but closely followed by FPS because they are usually graphically intense and I always enjoy having the latest hardware to enjoy it to the max.
Sqaure-Enix RPGs and FPS like FEAR or Battlefield2, sometimes racing, only the arcade type like NFS:Most Wanted, PGR3, I don't like the real simulation (Gran Turismo series), Games like GTA:SA or Saints Row are awesome to play which are the open world type.
I love RTS type of gmes and fps.. and RPG... i love the devil may cry 3
The best game i ever played was Gothic so i logically my favourite game genre should be c-RPG or whatever the name is... But i love FPSes more anyway :p
Hy folks,

i love strategy, Smile. By the way, does anyone know Battle Zone? That was / were the best games i ever played. Though, they didnt come out really well, dunno why, Sad. But i found, at the time of their release they were the innovativest games besides Dungeon Keeper, *hehe*.
And, to all the Adventure lovers, the best of em were the ones with 640x480 SVGA DOS feeling, like the Might & Magic 4+5, Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis or well, the best Adventure ever, Monkey Island (except the ones with the new gfx & 3d stuff, i mean only the old n good ones, Smile).
i love sport games ,those are of course Pro evolution soccer and football manager,but i also like to play nhl and nba.
I like RTS games such as SC and WC3, some sports games are good too.
rpg first person shooter and adventure.
I personally like the onld style quest games, like space quest and kings quest. You really got the feeling that anything could happen and you could potentially do anything too! The time when you actually typed in commands, made what you could do endless. Nowdays with the more point and click adventure games, you dont need to think as much - just click and hope something happens.
Puzzle games, FTW. Sure, you can get emmense stories and action and depth and all that bullsh*t from other RPG's and FPS's, but you want to know where all the fun is really at? Puzzle games. Puzzle games were the original games, and it doesn't really matter what title a puzzle game is given, it's still going to unbelievably fun. Games like Tetris that were addictive and easy to pick up, yet you still needed to use your brain, and newer games like Meteos, where you have think quick on your feet and you have to use your stylus to do things right. These were the games that made you think, and the ones that were always fun. You don't need a high end graphics card or 60 hours to burn for a puzzle game, just your brain, and maybe some fingers.

Also, in the case of FPS's, I believe Portal will be milestone in the genre of puzzle games. I mean, come on, it's an FPS Puzzle game, what else could you ask for!?
I love RPGs!! Storylines are fun for me.
I love RPG and FPS games Cool
i like first person shooters such as battlefield two and america's army. I also love RPGs
Dougnut King
I got several. Bear with me:



1st person shoot em up

Anything with Mario/Luigi in it

Anything with guns that blow things in an oblivion
Patriot Players
MMORPGs, by far the most enveloping gaming genre there is. I have met countless friends, have had countless memories, and generally think they are the best idea gaming has ever produced. Ive played EQ, Earth and Beyond, EQ2, WoW, and now playing EVE. The social interaction of these games is superb, and none of the trash talking l33t sp33k from FPS games.
I liked mmorpg but they take so much time. The social interaction is great though., I played SWG for about half a year and I devoloped my character as a merchant and I started a little mall. It was fun, though the grind was painful and the time it took was extensive.
Now i like simulations. You can easily not play for a couple weeks and not suffer.
Basically Action/Adventure
I like FPS games as well, like CS, Socom, etc. Though I guess my favorite would be RTS games. I used to be heavy Red Alert 2 fan and the expansion as well. Now I'm not really into games anymore expect maybe Dance Dance Revolution. Getting too tired of spending hours of the computer or PS2 starting at the screen.
I love strategy games. Like Age of Empires I or II.
Old, simple, minimalistic graphic and just great.
I just love to play it from time to time....
Jakob [JaWGames]
My favorite gamegenres must be RPGs and strategygames. And of course I loves games like Fire Emblem, great strategy games with most of the important RPG elements Smile
I mostly like to play Japanese RPG and survival horror games.
i like FPS because its realy fun to play i always play Call of duty 2 online with my clan and its great. Another i like is RPG's i used to play runescape a lot and was level 120 then left and started playing FPS games i also played WOW ( world of warcraft ) realy good game if you like RPG's but its to addictive so i stopped playing it.
RolePlaying Games.

Go go Final Fantasy ^_^
Roleplaying Games, definitely, especially of the "woo, we actually have a good storyline!" variety, like Torment. Action games are also great to get frustration and other such things out.
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RPG, action, strategy the best
I'm a fan of racing games, but good ones don't seem to pop up as much as they used to. I think the N64 was the golden age of acing games. Examples:

Maio Kart 64
Diddy Kong Racing
The Cruisin' series
The Rush series
Penny Racers
Top Gear Rally
California Speed
Beetle Adventure Racing

And there were plenty more. I know some of those games were available on other systems, but N64 had all the best stuff in one place. Nowadays, the best racing games I can find are the Gran Turismos and the continuing Mario Kart series. Everybody else has simply drifted off into street racing. In LA. My god, what is it with video games and LA recently? I practically have that town memorized, and I've never been off the east coast!
I like different genre's depending on my mood. RPG are excellent story driven game, but I also Enjoy Need 4 Speed Most wanted on a 650 Watt sound system. Its the only way to play games the right way.
I love simulation games, and games that I can make short movies in (sims2 and the movies) I have aslo some interest in shooting games, that would be action I think. Tomb raider, think it will be action, adventure maybe.
Well, I hate genres, I can never remember what belonges to what
I play most kind of games. but the one i like are MMORPG and 1st person shooting. i also play strategy, sport, RPG, puzzle but like the first 2 most.
I love strategy - starcraft, civilisation, capitalism are my favourites.
Strategy and MMORPG, like Lineage or Starcraft. Generally, i like all types of games, even Barbie Designer Very Happy
i love all online games
especially warcraft III - BattleNet
I like MMORPGs, Simulation and Strategy genre type games.

Genre: Reason I Like

MMORPGs: Hack and Slash (Mostly)

Simulation: Build and build.

Strategy: Build ours and destroy someone elses Very Happy
Simulation, Racing, Racing, Racing, Racing, Racing. Simulation, Action. Razz Razz
I mostly play racing games, NFS series being the most played.. i sometimes also play FPS games
Well I like fighting combat type of games more than anything. but it really does not depends on the genre. I similarly like to play racing as well as strategy games. It mostly depends on the quality of the game you are playing. Its likely that you like games from all the genres.
I like stategic online games as OGAME. And card games. Bela is the most popular game in Croatia. Where I am from. It use same deck of cards as preferance but it is played in 4 players. 2 vs 2 players.
First, RPGs(Role Playing Game) such as Fallout, Arcanum.
Then, Strategy Games, like Civilization, Heroes etc.
And Shooters, like XIII, Half Life, Max Payne etc.
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