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Connect PC to PC

Can any one explain me how can i connect two PC's vai a bluetooth
ashish.salunke wrote:
Can any one explain me how can i connect two PC's vai a bluetooth

Why do you want to? Its much easier and cheaper to use a LAN or WLAN...and most computers have a LAN card already, which means you only have to buy a wire and plug e'm in for it to be up and running!
ashish.salunke wrote:
Can any one explain me how can i connect two PC's vai a bluetooth

Why would you want to do that?

I can think of a couple reasons not to do that.

1.Bluetooth connection speed is VERY SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

2. It is a pain to configure.

3. It is currently expensive.

You should just get a cross-over CAT-5 UTP cable.

better yet make your own Cross-over cable. its is very easy.

Very cheap too.

My 2 cents
Prabhu Raj
I dont know why you people are not eager to try this out. Well i really appreciate the enthusiasm shown by the topic creator to try new things.

I will explain the process.

1. Connect blue tooth dongles to both the computers.

2. Once it is connected, it will show as Bluetooth DUN adaptor.

3. When the other computer is within the range of the dongle it will automatically sence each other and create a pairing for the both. (Human action needed in pairing)

4. You are ready to communicate with the other computer via the bluetooth like a normal lan.

points you must remember.

1. as previous posts says, blue tooth lan connection is pretty slow.

2. i dont think it is expensive. I live in india and USB bluetooth dongles are same priced as network adaptors. Approx. Rs. 250.00

hope this info is helpful.
Bluetooth connection is far easier to set up than lan to lan cable connection. Setting up a lan connection by means of only an ethernet cable involve technical settings such as making sure that both PC have the same IP subnet. As Prabhu Raj kindly provided, the steps for a bluetooth connection is really simple. And sometimes 3Mbps is more than enough.

Cost wise, a simple lan to lan cable connection is cheaper but require technical powress( You won't be able to get a connection up just by connecting 2 PCs with a cable). If you know how to, it is practically cost free as you could probable get a ethernet cable for free from someone who have an extra.( hell! I got nearly a dozen ethernet cable on the top of my room cupboard).

A proper wired or wifi setup cost around USD50(USD100 for wifi) is more expensive but provide ease of connections and internet access blah blah blah.

However, for ad hoc connections between PCs, Bluetooth is really cheap at USD15 for 2 dongles. Not to mention it is built in on most laptops and phones. And setting new connection is a simple task of clicking on the target to pair up with.

What people should bear in mind is different technologies is suited for different purposes.
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