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What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up?

I usually think "Where the **** am I?"
hmmm well when I think about it... The first thought is "ah... ******..."
I really dont like mornings, as I get up, work, class, work, other class, get home about 5, the homework. so my days are not that fun. But still not as bad as some peoples.
S3nd K3ys
"If that kid doesn't stop crying I'm gonna jam that bottle straight up his ass!"

then after about 10 seconds of my wife beating me over the head with an alarm clock, I apologize and get up to get the baby a bottle.
"Ahhhh damnit.....five more minutes...just give me five more minutes..."
meet in rio
Monday-Friday: Damn... work.
Saturday: Yay! Lie in!
Sunday: I can't believe I did that. God, I'm thirsty.

Or something like that.
"What time is it?"
"oh shit i'm late!!!"

almost every morning.
Usually it's one of these:

"Damn, gotta go to work..."
"What time is it? I need 10 more minutes..."
".......Oh? I'm sure I was dreaming about something really interesting just now, but I can't remember the details..."

This last one is true for most days, and it ticks me off...
I'm usually looking for the newspaper for the latest information the moment I wake-up.
Oh shit!!! I'm late for work again Evil or Very Mad
Hit that snooze button....... but the first coherent thought is usually for the toilet
I'm usually on suto-pilot for the first 5 minutes, so I cant really say what my first thoughts are...
My mind is usually blank for the first 5 minutes, then I think about getting to work on time.
My first thought is usually, "I'm not going to school."

Then comes the mom when i dont come downstairs Twisted Evil

Mine tends to vary...

"How the hell do I turn off this alarm clock ?"
"Just give me 5 more minutes and I'll be up". (Said to my dad or my sister). Then I'll wake up a 1/2 an hour later, freaking out since I'm going to be late for school or for work.
"What time is it ?"

- Mike.
"Please be saturday..please be saturday..please be saturday"
Is it 7 in the morning or 7 in the evening??
The first thing I usually think of when I wake up is going back to sleep again.
The first thought in my head is "NOOOOOOO", and then I think of everything that can go wrong during the day and how I can't wait for night to come so I can go back to sleep. Unfortunately, this is a feeling that usually lasts all day.
During Monday-Friday it usually goes along the lines of:

(5:34am) "Ohhh man my alarm hasn't even gone off yet!"
(5:55am) "Oh crap I missed my alarm! Oh wait, it's only 5:55... dammit!"
(6:09am) "Bah!"
(6:10am) RIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNG *press snooze button*
(6:19am) "dammit!!!"
(6:20am) RIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNG *press off button*
(6:21am) *grumble*
(6:22am) shower
I don't think early in the morning...
Pretty much... "Ugh. I don't wann-- oh, well, I have to get up.. or do I? .... yeah... work.. bleh... ok..."

After that, it's autopilot until I'm at work.
Oh? Argh!&*#!#.. Holy Sh**! -- (first phrase that will come out to my mouth)


Okay okay okay... (I'll just say it to the alarm).. Shut the f**k up! (while turning it off)...

I'm awake! A brand new day awaits me.. Idea
I think:
"mmhmm... time to pick one of thousand ways to finish this day succesfully..."
and then i go to toilet...
When its a school day its like "AW s*** not school" and a weekend is "Im starving better get something to eat"
Oh gosh I really need to pee
My first reaction when I wake up is to hit the snooze button. Sometimes I can't find the alarm clock and my hand just goes flailing around trying to find it. Sometimes I can't find the snooze button so I just flip the switch and think "OH D*MN, I just turned off the alarm clock" and so I have to get up.
I'm not good with mornings. I'm usually thinking about getting up, and the potentially disasterous effect that could cause.

I set my snooze time to an hour sometimes, and I never remember the next morning. That has caused some trouble before.
Currently it's: 'FOOD!'. I love breakfast haha.
I will faster wake up and on my computer.(If my mum is away..) haha
Temple Of Wisdom
The only thing i think of is: "What the ****" Then I usually fall asleep again.

"It's not 5:57 yet..."
"Who the hell is using that washroom"
"4 hours of sleep.. and a cup of coffee equals to full energy"
"shut up!" //stopping the alarm clock
"man.. this is so cold..."


"oh, didn't bath last night - no wonder it smells sweaty"
"hmm 1 pm in the afternoon, thats 13 hours of sleep"
"stop chirping idiotic birds"


"wet dream, eh?"
hmm once i wake up,i will think for 5 to 10 minuets...wailt the alarm clock ringing to keep me awake...
what the contain is is wat day? ( oh school day...-> jump to 3 --- oh weekend -> jump to 4)
3.well today is school day,i gota get ready but the 1st is pee....->jump to 5 )
4.thank god today is weekend,sleep back till afternoon...then food day and think wat time go tuition...take alook at my 2 ringgit malaysia, i cant eat much today...haiz...
Nowadays it's avtually pretty nice waking up:

"Aww, i don't have to get up in an hour or two."

I guess some people are lucky.
Whenever I wake up in the morning, I think "What time is it now?"
I usually wake up at 6:30 am in the morning. But I'm curious what time that is.. and remind my today's schedule briefly..

Actually, I want to thank God whenever I get new day.. but I forget every time..
when i wake up its usually sometime in the afternoon. couse i work nights.
but when i do wake up, the first thing i can think of is Coffie Smile

then when i have mu cup of coffie i gotta have my computer to check mails and some otheer stuff.
i usually think something different everytime.. most the time its usually, ahhh f*** i gtg to school >.<
Usually, the first thing I think of is the time. I look at my mobile phone everytime I wake up to know what the time is. That's actually the first thing I do almost everyday.

Soon after that, I think of school (during school days). If it's not a school day, I think of getting up already to use my computer.

Whenever I have a problem, my problem is the first thing comes to my mind upon waking up.
going to attend the call of nature Razz
My first thoughts in the morning... Why must I have the room that faces east.. I loathe the sun! Hmm I wonder if I can hit the snooze button all day? Crap no the kids are hollering at me. I should really get up! Hey I wonder if my friend is online.. Ooo yeah time for a shower.. Don't talk to me I don't feel like using my vocal cords.. Ugggg! I need to take kiddo to school.... Ok I'll get up now! Did I mention I loathe the sun? Laughing
my first thought is generally about how long i can lay there before i REALLY have to get up and pee!!
Tatsumaru wrote:
Currently it's: 'FOOD!'. I love breakfast haha.

It's strange with me, mostly when I wake up I hate to eat for some reason. I usually force myself to though because I know I'll be really hungry later if I don't.
I normally wake up and say geroofff me i gotta pee.(speaking to my husband)

first thing after that i have to make bottle for our child

and then i have to get caffiene and a smoke
I get woke up most days by my daughter telling me it is time to get up and take her to school and my first thought and veralization is usually... Where's my coffee haven't I told you don't wake me up until you've made my coffee... to which I usually get "sit up and look it right there on your headboard mom". Can't wait til she gets her drivers license in about 5 months then I won't have to get up so early every day and my thoughts will probably change... Razz
The first thing i thin when I wake up is that I will be late for class! it really sucks because I have so much to do and always so lazy to get up. most of you probably know this already (not of me but of your regular style)... Sometimes i think of the philosophical reason why people sleep and why people get sleepy (this is on a random basis) and how we come to need sleep? Why are humans bound to sleep to actively have a life? I have no idea

Good Question!!
my Girlfriend
It's strange with me, mostly when I wake up I hate to eat for some reason. I usually force myself to though because I know I'll be really hungry later if I don't.

Same with me. I'm not a big fan of breakfast, I usually just don't have a big appetite when I get up.

I usually think about going back to sleep when i first wake up.
'Mommy I don't want to go to school today I want to stay home and make cookies with you'

Thats what I say when im drunk and wake up.
I think:
"Ah no. Another day of boring school. I wish I was homeschooled. Sad"
When I wake up in the morning the first thing I think about is going to the toilet Razz

Seriously, I can't believe you guys Razz
None of you think of the toilet when you wake up? Razz
kevin briggs
the first thing i think of when i get up is breakfast.what will i have,and do i have time for something cooked like a fry to go am hungry now Very Happy
THe first thing i think of when I get up is go to the washroom and say that "Why today is not weekend?" "Life is so boring"......
I think "Hooray" I have slept through another day, then it hits me I have to work all night long until the sun comes up. So I go back to bed until the last posible second & then some.
"Get your a** to the bathroom or you'll be late"
Sometimes it's like "You *@$!@*(^@# rabbit stop making that terrible noise by eating your cage!" which comes out from my mouth like "Arghhghahrhh"
This is a pretty funny topic.

When I wake up from an alarm clock like for school I am thinking "5 more minutes"

When I wake up from sleeping in i think "What should I do first?"
Dougnut King
Monday: **** it's Monday.
Tuesday: **** it's Tuesday.
Wensday: **** it's Wensday.
Thursday: **** it's Thursday.
Friday: One more ****** day...
Saterday(don't know if i spelled right Very Happy ): not getting up until 12pm...
Sunday: **** one last day...
emm... well when I think about it... The first thought when I wake up is toilet..... ha.
First thing I usually think is "Stupid alarm clock" but in all seriousness, I am usually the one that waits til the last minute to do anything, so I generally think that I have overslept (average about 4 hours of sleep a day for the past 5 months) and working 3rd shift doesn't help matters much... so I have to check out the time and then try and think of what I had to do for the day and what time I was supposed to do it... thankfully, I haven't missed any important things...
I usually think of something that I was thinking about before I fell asleep - "What are those things again?", or I think of what kind of night I've had, and maybe (actually, always) how I wish I didn't wake up, and/or can sleep longer/fall asleep again.
usually Im like "omfg, woot, SNOOOZE FFS!!1 ARRGHH!!!111!!ELEVEN"
and then I press snooze and sleep for 10 more minutes Wink

after a few of these snoozes I try to remember what I was dreaming about, but since I usually dont remember much of them I just realize Im in bad need of a steady breakfast and hurry to the kitchen Wink

On mondays Im usually like "bah, noooo!!! NOOO!!!"... seriously.. is there someone who likes waking up early on mondays with a week of school or work ahead? Razz

"where the **** did that snooze button go" Evil or Very Mad
The first thing I think is:

"I should of went to bed earlier last night..."

With my class schedule this quarter I haven't been getting much sleep. Looks like its going to be the same next quarter.

When I wake up first I think about the girl I love, then about the dreams, which I have seen last night and then what to do today.

or something along those lines. the only thing worse than a morning is a monday morning.
I usually wake up to think of, why the hell do I have to wake up this early for school? Razz
"Where is the justice in this enforced lack of consciousness we must endure every night? What gives God the right to take away my brain for 6-8 hours a day? Why cant i just stay awake? And why is this oblivion so comfortable to slip in and out of?"

Actually these thoughts never cross my mind as i wake, but they should. The reality is that i only want to go back to sleep, and getting up is a daily embitterment id rather not face. Damn it all, we'd get a lot more done if we could just fight off that snooze...

Oh what a great topic.
School Days: Oh my god no..., once i was so tired when i woke up to an alarm i went to the radio and started beating it saying Shut the f**** up
Saturday and Sunday: A great day is coming...
hmm where's my fresh orange juice ??

(I always make fresh orange juice (out of real oranges and not from a bottle or something :p)

This usually get me out of that gloomy mode when you wake up
All i can think of is................." I want to peeeeeee badly"
tkcy wrote:
All i can think of is................." I want to peeeeeee badly"

That might not be a bad thing... at least it stops you from snoozing and getting late to school/work Very Happy
Might try it! <drinks 2 litres of water before going to bed>
I wake up and think about my dreams and about today and why I woke up in 5.00am.
I used to be quite the pessimist... never wanting to get out, but lifes been looking up and hence so have my mornings... Starting my days happy means I wake up thinking "what shall I do today?"
I guess it depends on how I m waking up.

If I am woken up in the middle of the night by something (Phone, knocking, loud cars) Ithe first thing that usaly goes through my mind is that the person responcible had better have a damn good reason for waking me up or else they are going to get it.

If it is the alarm clock waking me up, my first thought is usaly to figure out how much longer i can get away with sleeping before having to be wherever I set my alarm up to get me.

If I wake up on my own, I usaly don't think much of anything.....I just roll oover and go back to sleep.
when i wake up, the first thing i usually think is What will be taught in college today?? Can i give college a miss or not!! Laughing
Oh! god 'tis late today too!!! Holy sh!t. Again the same office!
The first coming To my Mind is-
Oh noo Today also i missed my tuition in the morning
Because i usually get woken up by My clock and i am usually tired.
Sometimes i think Who the **** is that
Usually I think about my cat shutting up, she always meows around 7am, its like my own alarm clock...
im wondering what time is it. or

"Am I Late?"

Usually I'll go to bathroom and have a bathe for my school..
I usually wake and and think how bad school is...then i think about eating my weetbix Very Happy Very Happy
I think about God....about the problems in my life....and I pray for a Divine resolution.
Sometimes, I visualise positive things about my future
"I really need to get up early this morning?? No?? WONDERFUL!!!!"

The thing that I love most in this life is sleeping. And I sleep about 12-14 hours a day. If I don't get enough sleep, I get really nervous. I think that sleeping is more important than eating. You see, you don't eat when you're sleeping. It's good to get in shape too. Laughing
Gonna sound squashy... my boyfriend! But I actually think about him all the time, so that's not a valid answer then. Uhmmm... well since I always set the alarm one hour earlier than the time I have to get up, I go: "Yeeeeah, great! I can be in bed for another hour!" Very Happy
I think, "Hmm, I want to sleep's too early...".

Then when I see the clock after a few cycles, I go, "Uh oh...".
I think: "Already????" Wink
Duncan Idaho
I ask myself, "If I dream I go to school, will it count?" I use that thought as an excuse at 2:30 in the afternoon, when school ends, and the front office when I turn in the next day.
turn on the computer and get a bowl of cereal while it boots... check the email while eating the cereal. Quick shower... and off to work in less than 10!
whats day is today?
what time is it?
What time is it?
Is it time to get up?
What is that noise and why is it trying to wake me up?
i gotta pee!
Nothing, really. But if it wasn't nothing, then it was probably the perverted thoughts or dream I had the night before I went to sleep, oh god, I have to take a bath before school now, *Guy who wakes me up*, just STFU and go to hell, screw it, or 5 more minutes?

Those aren't really that interesting, but it's usually what I think of when I wake up from my sleep.
It's a simple enough answer.


Enough said.
Oh ******, I can't manage another more day. Just wanna die.
** Remind myself to say a prayer before i get outa bed **
"What the hell? I want to finish whatever messed up dream I was having..."
Captain Fertile
I'm always amazed how a certain part of me is always awake before the rest of me... Embarassed
(Can I stay on the bed for 10 more minutes?)
am I alive?
What i have to/am going to do today.
Tools and Cheese
What he said ^^^. What should or have to do today. Very Happy
Hey, it's 5:30 am... what a damn... what I dreamed tonight???
have a cigarette break
I have two children so i'm generally woken up by one of them. My first thought is usually, "Damn It! Can I sleep in for ONE day?!" Then I roll out of bed and start my long day of diaper changing and cleaning the house up after my little terrors.
What time is it? I'm hungry I need to eat breakfast. Smile
I usually think: "dam radio"
in college, open my computer and pee....

in home, pee and open my computer... (my study room is down stairs)
Wat the hell am i doing here
Just 2 more minutes..........................


Damn it another day of school...OH CRAP ITS 11 O CLOCK?! Aahhhh well... Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy
I usually think: "If only I could freeze time so I could sleep longer...."

yeah it's strange, but I hate mornings and a long time ago I was like "man I wonder if there is any way to be able to get more sleep..." and at first I thought of normal things, but then I'm like "If I had something to freeze time I could sleep all I want and then not miss a thing!" and well it kind of stuck...
Weekdays (school): "Ah Crap."
Weekends: *a thoughtful conclusion to the dream that got interrupted by my awaking*
time... most probably... otherwise i will be late for work... haha
on a school day: "Five more minutes"

any other day: "Mmmmmmmm"

When I sleep in I don't think anything I just sit there and stare off into space for a while but when I am rudely awoken by my alarm I turn it off, think five more minutes then fall back to sleep to wake up a few minutes before school starts

It's a really interresting question...

Actually, for me, there are two types of what you call ''Thinking'':

The first one happens when I slept enough time so I feel really well when I wake up.

In that type, there are two different subtypes;
the first one is when it's sunny and the second one, is when it's rainy.

When it's sunny, the first thing that I think about is ''How good I feel'' so emotions are there...

The second subtype, when it's rainy, I think ''Ohh... I Will want to sleep all day long, but at least, I've slept really well!''

And the second type is when I've not slept enough time...
I actually always feel the same feeling and think about, rainy or sunny, ''Oh... another long day where I will feel asleep...''

Well... Then second thing are about food =)

Have a good night everyone! Laughing

Michael McNeil
Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson down south under the bed sheets Smile
It is a very good thing to see my wife .As the moment from which i discover the love become everything is wonderful to me..
so i thanks her...and every morning i want to see her
the first thing i think when i wake up is i want to sleep again. sometime i'll think why the time pass so fast, it just like i just had a short sleep and have to wake up after sleep for few minutes. huh, i like sleeping... i just wish i can sleep longer everyday...
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