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zune we'll have a new toy

Yeah.. or something.

Am I the only one that is completely uninterested in the Zune? As I understand it, quite a few people seem to be very excited about this gadget, but I donδt see why? I could be that I've just missed some juicy info or something, but c'mon. What's the deal?

Can anyone shed some light on this?
It's a Mp3 player other than iPod that's receiving a lot of media attention... I think that's about all there is to it.
The more competition, the better. That's why you should be interested. The iPod has way too big of a market share for our own good. Maybe if they compete enough they'll let us do whatever we want with our MP3s, like it SHOULD work.

One of the only advantages of the Zune is the built-in wifi, even if it's gimped. It's at least a stepping stone to a better product. They may even patch it with better features because the hardware is there.
The Zune is OK. I like it a little better than the iPod in some aspects. I suppose the WiFi is a nice touch since you can send music/videos to a friend's Zune. (Though you can only keep it for, I think, 3 days). The screen size is better for watching videos, though since the resolution is the same as the iPod, it isn't so great. The Zune is a lot like the Gigabeat (just letting you know, I'm pro-Gigabeat) but it's basically updated. Nothing really new/amazing except WiFi.

If it comes out to be a good player, it may receive a decent amount of attention. Though, I doubt it can beat the iPod. (If it could, then Creative would have a long time ago).
It's all marketing and hype with the mp3 player market. No one has yet tried to beat iPod at it's game yet, not even Creative. The others have appealed to the tech savvy or the money conscious. This would be the first attempt to steal market-share directly from the iPod and they have the marketing dollars to do it with some degree of success. I just doubt it will put a significant enough dent in to make the limited wi-fi use worth it without a future upgrade. You actually need friends that also have a Zune to use it.
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