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Foster Care ... Anybody have experience with it?

<newlife~t>For a long time I've been interested in adoption and taking care of foster kids, but I haven't done anything other than think and talk about it. Recently, I learned of a community developed with the purpose of supporting families involved in foster care. This has given me motivation to explore beyond just my thoughts.

I wrote the place an Email yesterday and will be calling them later this week if I hear nothing. My next step is to arrange a visit.

What I would really appreciate before going, is to hear as many experiences as I can from anyone who has been in the foster care system or who knows somebody who's been in it.

What was hardest about it? What were the situations/issues you faced that were different than kids not growing up in the system? What's your advice on how to handle those situations/issues?

Thank you!

I was fostered for about a year which wasn't the coolest.
having a fostered kid could mean a lot of things...

means trying to give them a special bond that there reall mum had once gave them... some kids can blame them selves and become naughty in a lot of things.
meaning they would sneak out, drink with mates and do drugs... they could become more vonrable then in a place of where they were boarn with there biological mum and dad... some kids won't care what happens to them untill they learn to understand they don't know what they have untill they loose it.

At the min i have a boyfriend who has done loads of that stuff and is prone to act like he's fostered it's scarey... alot... he's done heaps of the shit and doesn't know what to do with himself because his mum doesn't want anything to do with him.... it's really hard then for them to go to a different family seeking the love of another and trying to feel like it's better.... nbo one will be ale to make the boy feel like he's being taken care of. as all he want's is his mum back.
Doubt that it has anything to do with beeing a fostered tho.. No child is evil from the start, and if they find out abut their real mom when they are young I don't think there should be any problem.. I have several friends who got droped by ther mothers when they were young.. living in new familis now.. and there is nothing wrong witht hem.. they go to school/work just as everyone else.. ahving friends.. party on a decent level and stuff..

I think that kids turn out stuiped or evil is because the parents.. no matter if it's fostered or biological paretns.. if they do stuiped stuff.. then it will reflect on the kid.. but you can never blame a behaviour on the fostered.. I mean.. that's not the reason.. the reason is a person.. not a fostered act...
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