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Explain your avatar

i'm not sure why I don't have an avatar. or why we don't. everything you anticipate is a disappointment. I do know I'm lonely and I'd rather live in California than new york but for love i've got to go to brooklyn or manhattan or ugh. I'm not good enough anyway. Getting back from a ten day trip, it's hard to resume life without a hand. Red Lobsters and criticisms.
quality post
Long live the king of Thailand
i have no avatar Very Happy
I have Cedric from harry Potter. As soon as I saw the Goblet of Fire I feel madely in love with him. Although this was like last year and I just havent had a chance to change it yet.

I'm think David Boreales (or something like that) from bones... hes a hottie.
Made it a moment ago, just for this thread. Most of the avatars I have I've made. I find that making them is an interesting hobby to pass time.

Oh and the alignment and the animation are offset on purpose. I like the whole chaos inside of order thing.
My avatar is just a warning for people before reading my F***ing posts.
Citizen Kane wrote:
I recently got a compliment about my avatar, Mad Daffy Duck. I think he epitomizes what I am about: an egocentric but helpfull and selfaware figure who is not afraid to defend himself from all sorts of threats (even governmental) and is selfconfident enough to stick up a finger and say to all his enemys: "Put this in a place where the sun don't shine! (with a big smile to his friends and familie, because he really likes 'em.). Daffy's also a figure who can also make other people laugh with his stupidities and can make people feel better. I can really relate to that.

Please, share your story on what kind of avatar you have and why you use it

(you just like the drawing or is there any other reason behind it...).

<-- I'm a scorpio did the graphics myself. I'm a poolhall junkey and the simble is from a brand of pool sticks "Scorpion" hah
bartjo wrote:
i have no avatar Very Happy

Laughing ur funny !!!!!
My avatar its doraemon transformed in cat. I think its funny.
Well, this cat hasnt ears like doraemon so.. Could doraemon listen?^^
It's a painting by Morris Graves. Once, when Graves had become a fairly well known artist (at least in the region), he walked into a high-class restaraunt in Seattle with a baby carriage full of rocks and demanded that his carriage be furnished with a seat, menu, and cutlery.
S3nd K3ys
My current avatar shows how early children are trained for Jihad
Uhm. Because it matches. I know, I'm dead creative. Rolling Eyes *gigglesnort* So yeah...
oreoblizzard wrote:
quality post

oreoblizzard wrote:
long live the king of thieland

I know you want to get some posts down oreo but spamming is no way to do it
my avatar is neo ,
from the movie matrix Wink
Well, I made mine for the most part. I like to keep my avys sleek, simple, and still on a subject I am interested in. Simplicity is the mail concept of my current avy, and it feels I am looking though his eyes every time I post here Smile
That's Wallachia, from Melty Blood.
Since my website is about Tsukihime/Melty Blood, I thought it'd be only natural to pick one of the characters as an avatar. After some thought, I ended up picking the freaky villain.
my avatar is a slightly modified version of a banner from one of my websites, the bottle was corrona before it was changed if anyone was wondering
well, my Avatar is just a picture of me Very Happy
it is a part of a picture that was in our local newspaper - yes, I was in the news
the whole picture and the story behind it can be seen in the Hobby thread
My avatar shows an angel. I picked it cuz i try to be good and look over some people. And then i picked it cuz his body shape, muscles look like mine ;>
My avatar is stolen and I’m seeing how long it will take before I’m busted. A Kikky is a normal rat from the book “Maurice and His Educated Rodents” by Terry Pratchett.
I don't have an avatar at the moment, but when I do it will be one about Family Guy, of course ^_^
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