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difference between pop and rock

what exactly is rock music? how it is different from pop music?
Can some one take pains to explian?
I don't understand the term "pop" as a music genre. I see as an attribute, as a quality. Popular, for people. Well communicative.
This is entirely my opinion, and while others may not agree with it it is still my opinion.

In my eyes the main difference is in the style of music. Pop is your clean cut boy/girl bands, your clean living solo singers and your parents favourites (O'Donnel, De Burgh). It's usually softer in style, with low volume music and the message behind the songs are usually happy go lucky in general. THey are also irritatingly catch.

Rock on the other hand is usually more emotional in lyrics, with heavier music and a much less clean living image. Rock however, IMO, encompaseses many other genres. JC is rock, Elvis is Rock, Led Zep is rock, but they are 3 very different styles of music. Rock is about Rebellion, individuality, freedom and self expression.

Also Rock/Metal get mistaken very often, the line can blur between the 2. Irritatingly sometimes...

That prolly doesn't answer your question
i agree with pudovkin. pop is more of an attribute that could apply to all music. you could have pop rock, pop electronica, pop rap. and as for what would make something pop ___, i think it had to do with the catchiness of the overall tune, the familiarity of the refrain. if one is compelled to start singing along even though it is the very first time you heard the song then to me that means it is pop. think beach boys, so instantly catchy and memorable (humable). I think it is this quality of instant accessibility that makes something pop. And i think that it has nothing to do with the clean cut image boy girl notion as Lusiphur suggests. One of the most poppy bands I know is an indie act called New Pornographers. and it is because of there song structures and not their image.
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