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Toy or Tool? Google Docs & Spreadsheets

So what do u guys think about it?

I think Google's new office suite is great for quick collaboration, but don't throw out Word and Excel just yet. Docs has added advantage of saving file in PDF format. But it took long time for copy/paste/delete options on selected text.. even thu i'm using a high speed connection.

Anybody tried out the google's toys?
Until the arrival of this documentation service of Google-Writely, web documentary collaboration was possible with Wikis. But not everyone would like to learn to code in Wiki. Now that Writely-Google Docs has arrived, making collaborative documents has become easier. One simply had to type into a Word document and upload it to Google (or Writely) and every body else can work on it.

I think the service spells the death of Wikis as an office tool. Only the real geeks will now be able to do Camel Cases and other WikiFormatting tricks.
well so far all the tools and utilities from Google house are very populer... so one can expect upcomming tools will also be good... :p

but its just wait and see untill we get our hands to them...
as of now they are just tools for the basic user...cant really DO much. but think of it in the long run....envision a world where a computer is just a terminal connected to the internet without and software running it...u would just need to login to your personal accoutn and all your software would be there waiting for you, no matter which terminal you log in from and where in the world you are....

ok, its a far far way off, but i think its a great start from google and i cant wait for it to get better Smile
Toy. I consider any "software" running directly from the internet that claims to replace common spreadsheet/word processing tools a toy. Sure, someday I'm sure we'll have much more use for the internet, but at this time I would prefer to download my programs and run them directly on my computer, thus, saving bandwidth of my own and that of the server.
I think its very good tool.
I can keep and edit some documents online at any place where i can access internet. Not in all cases but some times its very usefull.
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