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You play "Sonic" sometime?

Do you play Sonic sometime?
Yes / When was child
 50%  [ 13 ]
Yes / Today
 34%  [ 9 ]
 15%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 26

Bruno Kitsune
Hey everybody... I like to know, you play Sonic games sometime? When? Do you like?
Sonic is a main game of the Sega, start with Sonic 1 to Master System, in 1991.
Answer the pool
Never played it.
I had SEGA gamegear, i played it all the time long time ago... Very Happy
Yup. I played it loads when I was a wee kiddy. (Most of the mega-drive ones.) I revisit it every now and then. I prefer the earlier games to the newer and I think this whole "Oh my god, shadow has a gun." thing is a bit of a desperate attempt from the sonic team to have relevence.

On the other hand, it's only a game.
I loved any sonic game that wasn't 3-D.I used to be a huge sonic and megaman fan boy a barely cared about Mario until 64 came around and Sonic and Megaman started to decline.I'm gonna get Gem Collections when it comes out for the GCN.To bad my sister sold her Mega Collection Sad it was fun...
I played it at stores when they had it demo'd, but I've never had a genesis and never cared to buy an incarnation of it for the other systems.
i never play sonic
i always play sonic even now days
sonic are great games everyone should play them! Smile
Sonic used to be my favorite hero! I remeber waking up really early in the morning to watch Sonic on TV.
I have played sonic since young, but think that tails is a more better character. He can fly short distance with his tail, and that definitely helps. Wink
Sonic 3 was the best.
Agent ME
When I was really young I played it all the time. I had Sonic the Hedgehog (which said "NOT FOR RESALE" on the cartridge for some reason) and Sonic 2, and later Sonic Pinball (still remember being in the store pointing to Sonic 3, but my mom said she was going to get pinball, and maybe 3 later... didn't happen :/). Then eventually I got Mega Collection for GCN, and then got them all for emulators on PC and my modded xbox.

Sonic 3 + Sonic Knuckles Add-on >> All
I LOVED Sonic 3 and Knuckles! Awesome stuff! I also enjoyed sonic 2. It was a nice long game to play with cool levels.

I loved all the Genesis Sonic games, but 3 and Knuckles was my fav
When I was young too, Frist time on Sega Magadrive in Sonic 3,Sonic and Knuckles. Now on PS2 Sonic Hero !! Twisted Evil

Sonic is a fav game in my life Very Happy

I alway play when I have time everyday Wink
i never play sonic b4
I still play the old 8- and 16-bit Sonic games to this day. Nothing beats them. I don't play any other games as much as those ones. Once Sonic went 3D, the games went downhill.
Marthezz wrote:
Never played it.

Sweet jesus! Go get ROMs of Sonic now!! How could you not have played Sonic, EVER? Any Sonic game.. There's like 20.
I LOVE Sonic! He was my childhood hero...I still love Sonic but recently....The games haven't been very fun.
Once I get a Wii I plan on buying Sonic and the Secret Rings...and hopefully it won't suck. :/
Sega really has disappointed me with the recent Sonic titles....I think it all went downhill after Sonic Adventure 2.
The 2D Sonic games were great. Fast, colorful dashes through twisting loops and pinball bumpers made the games a lot of fun.

Horrible Camera angles and too much emphasis on supporting cast made the 3D games horrible.

Sonic and Tails? Fine, even Mario has Luigi, but what we don't need is Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Big, Amy, Cream, etc mucking things up. That's sort of why i liked Sonic Rush really. Only two playable characters to pick from, and it was blazingly fast.

On another note, Jazz Jackrabbit was always a fun game as well. Take the Sonic formula of speed, and add in a gun. Brilliant!
Ahhhhh Sonic.....great fun! Great games. Very Happy
I loved the old 2D Sonics.... but when they started attempting to shoehorn Sonic into 3D, they forgot one thing: most humans don't hve the cognitive speeds of a blue hedgehog. the new ones have been a bit of a hash sadly. Sad

Shadow The Hedgehog with revolvers was as lame as it got. I mean, COME ON! A ghetto hedgehog? I was half expecting him to wear bling and spout gangsta rap.

\Laments the days of yore on Sonic.
After the last post, I can't help from posting this. Very Happy
National pride.
i play it at classes on my mobile phone lol.
Bruno Kitsune wrote:
Hey everybody... I like to know, you play Sonic games sometime? When? Do you like?
Sonic is a main game of the Sega, start with Sonic 1 to Master System, in 1991.
Answer the pool

I played Sonic Adventures on the Dreamcast, quite a fun game. Although personally I don't see how people get addicted to the whole Sonic franchise - similarily to the Tomb Raider series.

I like Adventures however I don't think it fully captured the "spirit" of the original theres quite a good flash version of Sonic here:
I played Sonic on the Sega and now I'm playing Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii.
Sonic and Tales was cool, i remember knuckles could glide :ORazz:O that was inreal...Now i have sonic on my phone its cool
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