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Some important information and tricks about backups and keeping your data safe.

To start, if you have important information you should always have some kind of copy or backup in place. It doesn't always have to be a recent copy, though.

In our case, we do our best to protect the data and do have off-server backups but no system is perfect and always something might happen. You shouldn't place your complete trust into this - not in our case or in any other free or paid host (even the most expensive ones). You should always be sure to have a (recent/less recent) copy of your files.

If you only have html/php files and you uploaded them from your own computer to Frihost, then there is no need for a backup as you already have the files in question on your computer.

If you have some data in mysql (not just default installation of a cms/forum) then it is indeed a good idea to make a backup of it in order to restore it if the data gets lost or something happens to your website (hacked or you accidently removed something yourself).

To make a full/partial backup with DirectAdmin, go to the "Create/Restore Backups" link, select the items to include in the backup and click on "Create backup". The task will then be put in the queue and should start the next minute. Please wait till it is finished and do not attempt to create another backup at the same time.

Once it is finished, go to the file manager and download it (or with ftp). It will be stored in /backups/backup-<date>-1.tar.gz . Download it and afterwards remove it from your account. Please note that keeping the backup on your account is useless and takes a lot of space. Also, do not create backups too often as it generates a lot of server load, definately if you have a lot of data (over 100MB).

Just a gentle reminder to all of our a hosted members to PLEASE make backups of your Websites.

Although Bondings takes every precaution with looking after the data, there are many data center events that can happen that are beyond our control.
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