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Cooling computers hardware to install

Canm anyone give me some suggestions on what sort of hardware i can install into my PC to make nit run cooler ive heard that using an Aluminium case instead of a steel case can help alot any other suggestions.
there are so many ways to keep the temps down. depending on your budget and whether u want a quiet system (fanless).

1.) get a larger venting fan (12cm if your casing supports it)
2.) get a venting fan with a exhaust casing to suck the heat directly out from the CPU
3.) Modify your casing to have a side panel fan close to where the CPU is (more effective if combined with No.2 above.)
4.) Use a better CPU heatsink instead of the one that came with the CPU (eg. thermaltake, coolermaster)
5.) Apply better thermal paste to your heatsink for better heat dissipation
6.) use bronze heatsinks instead of aluminium ones.
7.) install more venting fans (if you don't mind the noise)
8.) Go hardcore - water cooling

These are just a few suggestons. Aluminium casing does help reduce temps.
FOrgot to mention, you can just remove your side panel casing and place a table fan facing towards your motherboard. Works great if you don't mind the looks/space required. cheap and effective
Kelvin said:
6.) use bronze heatsinks instead of aluminium ones.

That's not quite right.
Basically, aluminium and copper are the 2 main metals use in pc heatsinks. Both have their advantages:

Copper - conducts heat faster; slow at radiating; very heavy
Aluminium - radiates heat very quickly; slow conduction; lightweight

The stock heatsinks and some of the chepaer 3rd party heatsinks use aluminium as its light and cheap.

Pure copper is mainly used if the heatsink is GINORMOUS! The weight could also be problem inside towers or LAN boxes - 800grams hangign from a mobo PCB is the best way to crack it Crying or Very sad

What most good/expensive heatsinks will do is use both. Copper for the base amd aluminium for the fins. Copper gets heat quicke3r from the CPU and the aluminium radiates it away quickly.

Using copper and aluminium provides a moderate cost and weight so its what most people prefer if into gaming/oc'ing

Having said that, i've never heard of bronze heatsinks in computers. Maybe ramsinks but for a CPU Cooler???
yup yup... copper not bronze. I'm dealing too much in bronze material at my company i've mixed them both.

Most heatsinks have a copper core and aluminium fins. But some are purely copper. Like my coolermaster heatsink. The fins are pretty thin and it's not that heavy unless you are talking bout those 'heavy duty' ones.

Just gotta pick and choose which heatsink is suitable for your use.

What most good/expensive heatsinks will do is use both. Copper for the base amd aluminium for the fins. Copper gets heat quicke3r from the CPU and the aluminium radiates it away quickly.

Here is a follow up on the issue of copper vs. aluminium heatsinks. A real good read if you ask me to know more about the 2 materials.

What I do is apply Artic Silver 5 thermal compound on the core of my full copper heatsink since it's d best conductor amongst the three.
Prabhu Raj
1. Keep your computer exterior and other parts free from dirt.

2. Install a High speed fan on the chase (cabinet) front side so that it pushes air towards the processor. possible 8 inches.

3. Install a High speed fan on the rear of the cabinet so that it pushes the air inside the computer to the outside.

4. Install a high speed CPU cooling fan (variable speed) (atleast 2200 to 3000 rpm) in combination with a good quality heat sink.

5. try to keep the atmospheric temperature below 25 degree celcius.

all the above steps will surely help you keep your computer cool and in best performance.
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