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Some people are so hard to live with...

I moved out of the dorms to a house off campus. Everythings great except for a few of my roomates. Most often, two of them in particular, never wash their own dishes, so the sink is constantly full on both sides. Beyond that one of those two always brought her friends over and they were constantly super loud even at late night hours. Then, to make matters worse the girls were all drinking last weekend when one of them happened to break the sink off the bathroom wall. As if it could get much worse, she just leaves. People are like in the bathroom holding the unatatched sink up, scrambling to turn the water off, and trying to find the right tools to take it completely off while she just up and walks out. I was pissed. Then the next few days she didn't even mention it. So, as it was the guys bathroom that she destroyed the sink in, we have no way to brush our teeth or wash our hands without going downstiars. As it leaves her unaffected, she just acts like it doesn't matter. Someone else had to call the landlord. I'm sorry to just rant, but I'm frustrated. Have you all ever had roomate situations like this? Some of my roomates are great. I think maybe it's just hit or miss. How do you deal with stuff like this?
Wow... sounds extream and immature. Don't know if it works, but at that level there
can always be a point in talking to parents...
Use their bathroom. Leave the seat up. Take a big dirty turd and then not flush.

If you need any more ideas just let me know!
I'm back in dorms this year (after two years of not living here), and we still have the problem of people not washing dishes. What can you do though? It's annoying, but I'm not too bothered as long as they don't use my stuff.

I'm certainly not going to wash the stuff that's in our kitchen, because I think it sets a bad precident - like "If I don't do it, someone else will do it for me".
I've you're going to share with others, you have to set ground rules from the start. You also need a cleaning rota, and if you want to have friends in then it's good to have rota for when each person can have the sitting area and kitchen to themselves.
Sounds like a crummy situation you're in mschnell. I suggest if you live off campus next your you make sure you know the people you're going to live with so that some things that you are going through now could
Not only does one of my housemates not wash his dishes, but he keeps them piled up in his room, with old food stuck to them and them just piling higher and higher. It's disgusting & unsanitary - and we are short on forks, so I really wish he'd bring them downstairs to the kitchen!!

That said, I'm quite lucky in that he's the only messy one, and the other ones all wash/clean-up after themselves. Last house I lived in, EVERYONE was a slob.
My housemate never cleans up after using the dishes. He just leaves them piled up in both sinks. And to add to that, he used my dishes as well, leaving me with none when I want to use them.

I was away during summer and when I got back, my frying pan was filled with dried up fish sticked onto it. I was so pissed I wanted to beat him up with a baseball bat so bad. Since then, now I keep all my dishes, silverware and pans in my room and only bring them out when I need to use them. He can pile up his dishes for all I care, just stay out of my stuff.
My mum cleans the dishes.

I don't have any experience in these situations but I think you need to sit these people down and just tell them what you expect. I get the feeling that if you get it over and done with the time you spend in the house will be much better for it.
GProject wrote:
I'm back in dorms this year (after two years of not living here), and we still have the problem of people not washing dishes. What can you do though? It's annoying, but I'm not too bothered as long as they don't use my stuff.

Try to let them put their unwashed dishes in their cupboards instead of on the sink. Or put it there yourself.
I don't live in a dorm or anything, but here's what I do with my sister (who is also disorganized and tends to leave my room in a mess everytime she comes in to use the computer):

Reading this gives me a headache. Some people can drain every little bit of energy out of you. The only positive things you can take from this is to learn what kind of person do these anti-social things. Study them carefully so that you can understand what kind of people they are so that when you come across people like this in future you will have the insight to avoid them. Im not saying you should become a bigot, but say one day you have to interview someone to be an employee, tenant or so on, youll have a good idea of the kind of person you dont need around.

Very important: do not judge them because we always tend doing the same things we judge other people for.
My roomate used to always play war games and he didn't have a headset but big speakers. So I had to listen to it all the time. It was like I was in a war zone all the time. But luckily I don't have to live with him anymore.
You don't even have the worst of it. Just talk to your roommate and get him to deal with it.

My roommate is a huge, smelly dude that doesn't like to bathe. I have honestly never seen him go to take a shower. He changes clothes every 4-7 days and leaves his smelly, dirty laundry in a corner. His pile has been developing for over a month. I have more laundry than him and I have done my laundry 5 times since he has last done his (and he is not out of clothes yet). He has taken out his trash once, with me taking out his trash to get rid of the smell twice. Since he doesn't bathe, he comes back from band smelling like arse and lays down on his bed (only place he hasn't piled stuff on yet), which has NO SHEETS, only a comforter. He also believes himself to be an insomniac, because he takes naps during the day ("taking a 4 hour nap is perfectly normal! it doesn't affect my sleep at all at night"). Since he is not tired at night from sleeping in the day, he stays up well past 1AM every night, sometimes staying up until 5. Then, he sets his alarm early, with a Carpe Diem attitude, saying he is going to get up and study and dominate! Then, at 7am, his alarm starts going off. He, WITHOUT WAKING UP, hits the snooze alarm. Since he does it subconsciously and never knows he has actually hit the snooze alarm, he KEEPS HITTING THE DAMN THING every time it goes off. I have to wake up, get out of bed, and turn off his alarm so I can get my 5 hours of sleep (which would normally be at least 9, I like my sleep). If I don't turn off his alarm, he will continue to hit the snooze alarm until about 10:30, when he suddenly wakes up and realizes he has class at 11, even if his alarm does not go off. Let's not forget his clock is two hours ahead anyways ("because it makes me think i am running late!" - note that everything he says is usually exclamated). And we can't forget the smell.

Oh the smell.

People have started avoiding my room because of it. I think the sweat drips off my roommate and his matress acts like a filthy, rotten sponge. Then, he tried to cover the smell with incense. I didn't know until I came back from class one day and it smelled like "Dragon's Blood." Apparently dragon blood smells like a combination of burning armpit hair, rotting fruit, and bad aftershave. The horrible laundry pile also eminates an undescribible stench, I compare it to a dead animal, only a bit saltier.

To counter-act his horrid habits, I just let his stuff go and started making my side dirty too. I also mentioned the "smell" constantly, which he would then deny its existance. Since I let my side get dirty (not smelly though, that is GROSS), I think he has started to get the message.

So really, your situation isn't half-bad. I would much rather have a broken sink with some people that don't wash dishes...
Sounds like your in a real messy situation id say take a dump in there toliet and run.
I cant say much for dorms or while your in college, but I do know people have helped us in the past and we had to stay with them, and people had stayed with us when they needed help... no matter what you do, and who you live with, even after your married, and or have a boy / girlfriend... everyone does something to get on your nerves or isnt doing there part. My wife and I do it now,, but we try our best to do what we can for eachother, and be more considerate of one another... been married 12 years now... but with your roomates,, if you dont say something to them for their behavior, and let them know how you feel, it will just keep going,,, and if they dont show any signs of improving, your best bet is to find another roomate somewhere that may be more like you,,,, good luck, because theres not many out there... Our rule here in our new house which we have only lived in for 3 weeks, "NO MORE FRIENDS OR FAMILY STAYING TO GET ON THERE FEET, OR HELP OUT" sounds kinda harsh, but it save relationships on the longrun... I dont mind like one or two nights, but anymore, and your kicked out...
and I let them know this up front... dont let no one walk all over you,, if you do, they will do it for the rest of your life...
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