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i've recently started a new hobbie or talent of sketching i am very good at it for an amateur but i could get better as i practice as my mother always told me pratcie makes perfect Laughing but i would like to see others sketches to see how better i need to get and i really enjoy the art of them Exclamation Smile[/img][/b]
You could sketch things with doodles. Really! Abstract art could actually come from those when you just play with lines, curves and such. Very Happy
I usually sketch when my ears are busy with something, but eyes and hands free, like chatting on the phone or being in the class. I usually let my hand move free and then see what comes out xD Mostly it's wolven muzzles, with an expression describing the mood I am in. Sketching is a good excercise for your creativity and skill in art. Razz
Well, my artistic ability is rather lacking, but I sure do enjoy sketching! Most of the time I sketch something either related to computers or science, but I do sketch some landscapes, animals, cars, and a lot of other stuff. Definitely something fun to do!
I love sketching people, but it's really hard, getting proportion right, and drawing the pose, and stuff, so to practice, you can just find some photo of real people and sketch that out if you want of course :] it really helps!
I try to sketch but i always mess up. Got to find some sketching classes.
I like sketching too. I learn the skill from the sketching classes.
I like to go out for long walks, find something that interests me, and try to sketch that. That way you can take home a moment.
It's very therapeutic.
i love sketching... some of my best work happens when i'm bored during work or wherever. folks bug me to make something out of it (meaning a career) but actual projects tend to never make it past the rough sketch Smile
I know what you mean. It's like, if you make a career out of something you enjoy, then some of the enjoyment is lost, due to demands like deadlines and corporate pressure. Far better to stick with it as a hobby, something personal to you that you enjoy.
i used to "doodle" all the time in school and college, think i still have a folder somewhere with all my old stuff i did as a child / teenager!

lolah the memories... used to draw my m8s as super heroes and alsorts make charactures (the art of exaggerating particular charactoristics of someone)

can be funny!
Game Fortress
I have always been a huge advocate of sketch art... its very very cool, in and of itself. There is that obvious factor of value, in that it helps you plan out bigger/better/more advanced/more detailed art projects, but it looks fantastic in it's raw forms as well. I even feel that my art somtimes looses some of it's charm when I try to advance it from sketching to another level. (namley coloring)

Basically, I have a huge respect for sketching. its awesome.
agree... sometimes less really is more....

ive been very surprised with the level of emotion that sketches can hold... i.e. anger, sadness etc as mentioned this can be lossed by colouring!

i really like sketches of people in particular... again captuing the mood and movements etc!

anyone had a sketch done on one of those machines you'll probably find at game arcades or in the USA malls....
I think sketching is great. But Im not such a good sketcher, however; I am a excellent cartoonist. I could draw characters for any type of role, and I could draw people as cartoons.

Do you have a website with some of your works?
I too sketch quite often. But they're more of abstract than concrete things. Plus, often I sketch on my Palm (which does not give good lines, mind). But afterwards, I trace the sketch on Adobe Illustrator and enhance it from there. Very Happy
Sketching and doodling... ah, how would I have gotten through grade school without you?

Please make sure you keep everything you do! Also, it's fun to try different mediums... a new one for each day, maybe? Some folks sketch in pencil half their lives, only to find out much later that they're excellent inkmen. Everything from the width to the hardness and flow of the medium becomes important as your "hand" develops... that being your style of motion while drawing, not just the thing at the end of your arm. ^^; I used to prefer .7 or 1.0 leads in B2, but I've since found that, even for big work, .3 B gives me better flow and control. (Still suck at inking, though.)

BEST OF LUCK! Post what you're proud of!
As said, you should try different things, because sketching isn't just the stereotypical pencil. You can sketch to practice proportion, or following the contours of the subject, but I don't think that you should stop, and be satisified with a simple sketch. It can be fulfilling to complete something-anything- from a bare piece of paper to an interesting piece.
Try cross-hatching. It's one of those sketch methods that are easy to do but is effective to use. Very Happy
rawb24 wrote:
i've recently started a new hobbie or talent of sketching i am very good at it for an amateur but i could get better as i practice as my mother always told me pratcie makes perfect Laughing but i would like to see others sketches to see how better i need to get and i really enjoy the art of them Exclamation Smile[/img][/b]

I find sketching very therapeutic, See I travel allot for work and spend allot of time by myself. To make things easier I sketch and often people look over my shoulders and ask me questions etc. I find it a good way to communicate with people, an nice icebreaker that is. but yeah, you should fix your image so we can see what you doodled when I get home later on to day I'll post a few that I've done, they're not finished but I've been working on them over the years. I tend to draw in pencil, but like the way pen/markers come out. Happy posting guys!!!
I can sketch with a semblance of decency, but I have to face the fact that I'm not great at it. I love doing it, though! Smile
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