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i was tihnking on getting a pair of mice as pets but im still not sure abuot it (i think they're so cute Very Happy ) can any one tell me if they make good pets or not? Rolling Eyes Confused
do you have any other pets?

What do you want from your pet Think
a quite friend to look at and play with?
or an active, playful pet who will run up to you when you come home?
or just a mild pet who will curl up on you lap or the such?

Basically I think you need to decided what YOU want because I don't know you well enough to know Wink
Well, besides sitting there and looking cute, they don't do much...
As for their fitness to be pets, I'd place them as roughly equal to fish.
(Though I will admit that mice are, in general, cuter than fish, however, you don't usualy have to worry about your fish biting you.)
a least you can pick mice up (and hold them) though... and if you getting a pair then they can play with each other and stuff

thats a bit more than fish Eh?
My good friend has been breeding mice for quite a few years, and she's sort of mice-a-holic. xD. She has raised several generations of them, of various colours and shapes. Mice are a very exciting spieces of pets for a junior geneticist because they're quick and easy to breed. Very Happy Anyway, they're just interesting to watch too.
A few years ago I had three mices. They were white with red eyes (Albino). One night I awake with a mice on my stomage! Smile They often escaped but The problem was not that they were mices. It was the cage that was to low and to big holes in the roof of the cage. They were all female, The said so when I bought them, but after a time one mice get very fat and so the baby mices came. The mum didn't take care of them so they died (No hair and realy ugly they were Evil or Very Mad ).

Later they gegun to scratch themself very much behind the ear so there was a line with no hair after some time. And when one of them bagan to bleed we killed them. They only lived around a year I think. Sad

I will never have mices again! They smell and the cage have to be cleaned and the WHOLE night the run in that wheel! I think it's better with other animals than a mice. Idea Maby a guinea pig could be something.
Mice are alright as pets, I owned a pair also years and years ago. If you keep them in your room, beware of them running on the wheel and making squeaky noises all night...haha. They can get their cages pretty messy, too. They are cute and all, but some of them have really sour tempers--I got lucky and only got bit a few times in years and years of owning them, but some people get a really cranky mouse that just bites them all the time. Sometimes they'd have little fights too and I'd wake up and see a little speck of blood on their coats. I think rats are much more friendly and personable, much more cuddly (mice really aren't at all...) and just overall just better pets. They're sweethearts. Surprised
Well my kids used to have mice and they are excellent pets but have to be kept clean or they tend to smell a bit. I wouldn't get them if you have a cat in the house though.
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