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How long do you stay on the computer?

stay around 6-8 hours daily,couse i stay on it at home and at work

so what about you?
I am around 4-6 hours daily, but I am very fast!
I stay around 4-6 hours daily except when i have to work out of my city, i dont touch the computer.At weekend i expend lot of hours
8-10 hours daily... because of my job... I'm addicted Smile
It depends. On normal days, 1-2 hours and on holidays, 12 hours !
i work on or with pc's 8 hours a day and then every 2-3 days or so i will go on the pc on the evenin for arround 3 hours.

So somedays 8hours, somedays 11 hours Shocked that carnt be right can it?
i'd stay on the computer for about 5 to 6 hours a day because I have to do most of my work online, searching for resources those sort.
2 Hours if I'm lucky. On the weekend I might go on a bit longer, sometimes I don't even go on at all.
3 to 4 then somtimes the entire day if I am building something.
ne2 Luka
4-6 hours usualy but that is understandable as I study computer science.
erm....let me think.....I stay in front of computer just 2 hours per day,because i'm a student,need to go to school....
Far, far too long. 3-6 hours at school, maybe 6 total hours at home.
i stay infront of computer for like 14-18 hours a day. hehe. i stay infront not to play games but to help other people on their DSL connections.. anyway, I hope you guys use computers for good... thanks!
For me it's a minimum 8 hours every single day (at work) and then some minimal use when I get home usually, but normally I cant tear myself away from my xbox Very Happy
6-8 hours on normal days. In vacations and weekends it fast become 12-14 hours Razz
Weekdays I normally stay infront my computer for 6-8 hours. Weekends around 10-12 hours.
I try to hold back the time as much as it goes. Im really addicted to my computer, and i dont work with computers.
But in avarage it is about 3 hours per day, when im holding back my self Smile

when i dont its about "all the free time i have".
2m4a wrote:
stay around 6-8 hours daily,couse i stay on it at home and at work

so what about you?

Ditto. But I only stay on at home. Oh well, I stay on avery time that I'm at home!
Always between 8 and 12 hours, both at home and at work. It mostly depends on the days, though.
My job entirely is with computers and it consumes much of my daily life. 8-12 hours I can say, not including the time with it when i'm home browsing or playing games.
It depends. Weekdays around 1-3 hours. Weekend around 5-8 hours.
Hm... let's see... I'm up at six-thirty in the morning; use it till ten in the morning before I go to class... Have a two hour break from twelve-thirty to two-thirty and use it then as well, then use it some more when I get home at five... and I keep using it till ten-thirty... (And this is only on the weekdays too... *laugh*) On the weekends, I use it from nine-thirty (when I leave my slumber) till... eleven thirty at night. *laugh* Damn, but I use the computer a lot.... So... I believe that would be a total of...

*drums rolling*

*audience waits is anticipation*

*too long of a wait and some are swearing at me*

... eighty-two hours a week -- eleven hours a day on a weekday and thirteen and a half hours on a weekend day *whistles* Damn. I didn't realize I used the computer so much... Imagine the electric bill... *laugh* ... *cough*

-- scryoko
On the weekends im on the computer from 10am until about 11pm with a few little breaks in the middle for something to eat and on school days i go on it as soon as i get home until about 11pm.
On the weekend I spend around 5 hours a day, and on the weekdays I spend around 2 hours a day.
I stay on my PC for hours on end sometimes. Currently looking for work so most of the time im looking on the internet job sites, or i check my emails and see if i got any replies.

I think i realy need to cut down on my PC usage as i forever on it. And im sure it and good for my

Most of my mates are all working durring the week so thats when i spend most of my time on hte internet, mostly downloading music and films.
Think there's already a thread about this but it's burried.

Depends, on weekends I like to go out all day. But if I've got an editing project or whatever to do I can spend about 8-10 hours on here.
Just about 2-4 hours...
I am very busy lol
12+ hours daily, not including the time spent at work....long enough to see this topic is turning to spam.
I stay at my pc Daily about an 6 hours. unless i;ve got to bring my papers round. then it is about a hour of 1 and a half.
or i must be sick. in the weekends it is about a 12 to 14 hours a day. unless i sleep to 12.
I stay on 6-8 hours, without including the time I spend at school. XD
I think there's already a topic about this.

Anyway, about 8 hours on the weekdays. (That's not only at home). On the weekends, usually well over 8 hours. (Around 10-12). On REALLY long holidays, there's a chance of me surpassing the 12 hour mark. (Possibly up to 14 hours; would be more, but I like sleeping Cool ).

I'm addicted. But I do nearly everything on the computer. (Work, Programming, and a bunch of other stuff).
All day at work and then 4 to 8 hours at home after work.

Oh wow, that is really, really bad. I need to get a life!!!
2m4a wrote:
stay around 6-8 hours daily,couse i stay on it at home and at work

so what about you?

It's a good question to think about. The more time we stay aroud, the more efficiency we increase???
On my side, I spend my time on computer for about greater than 8-12 hours but not lessthan 3 hours. I'm fast using my computer but as an IT student, I have so many jobs to do like creating a program, a website, a short film and for my break I'm playing a game for more than an hours. I'm trying to reduce the usage on my computer but I can't. Maybe Im just a computer addict. Very Happy
yeah im on the pc quite a bit when im not at work... atleast 4 hrs a day... a lot more on the weekends!! too long!
I use to sit infront of my pc for about 6-7 hours a day and in weekends for about 10hours, but that was when i didn't had a life.
Now i have and i only sit like 2-4 hours a day...
girlcalledjay wrote:
All day at work and then 4 to 8 hours at home after work.

Oh wow, that is really, really bad. I need to get a life!!!

And what "a life" entail?

this is off topic.
Dat Nguyen
Far too long for my liking, 8 to 10 hours daily, my eyesight is fuk haha
Bout 4 hours per day, but I work on the net so its all good.
For me, the time varies. If I have lots of work to do, I wouldn't use the computer much. But during the holidays, on the average, maybe 6~8 hours per day.
On average I spend about 10 hours a day on mine sometimes more. ~shudders~ wow, I didn't realize just how much time I did spend on my computer for everything from work related stuff down to pasttimes and hobbies. I think it is way to much now that I think about it but, I don't foresee a change any time in the near future either. Razz I like working with and on the computer too much to change the way I do things.
I practically sit before the computer every day. I type memos for someone who can't do it himself and send them after they are approved. I also update our company's website -- you know -- typing content.
Ages. I spend most of my free time in front of a computer, because all my interests lie there (creating games, writing stories and poetry, playing games (I prefer PC games over console, generally), surfing the net and so on).
2-8 hours most the time, school nights only about 1 Sad
I usually stay on the computer for about 1-4 hours.

Not going to let it affect my school work, so I have a schedule.
As long as possible. Shocked

It's addicting and... no just addicting. Not always fun, but always addicting.
too much time. i'm really into a lot of other hobbies, but i'm just so used to being on the internet. i only really do a couple of things online. and vivalavinyl, but if i've already replied to my messages, i'll just be bored on the internet even though i have a million things i can be working on. that's why i just leave the computer to force myself to do other things. it's an awful addiction
I try to manage my gaming time. Somewhere around 15-20 hours a week is acceptable I think. That's a couple of hours a day. Any more than that and I find I start to neglect my chores and other aspects of my life.

Plus, doing other things gives you balance, gets you away from the monitor and helps you appreciate your computing time all the more.

At work I sit in front of a PC for most of the day, but since I'm forced to do that I don't count that as computer time. Wink
stay around 8-10 hours daily,coz i have to work in front of computer every day..........
Too long. Probably about 5-6 hours on weekdays and 7-12 hours on weekends. Embarassed
I also stay on a decent amount of time. I normally get home at 230 and go outside till 500 then im on the comp till 900-1000 so im on about 4 hours. The thing is that im like addicted to the computer so i come in for it even though im having fun outside (sometimes) does anyone else have this type of addiction problem?
Bout 4 hours on weakdays and 8 at the weekend This is a major subliminal message. Please email me if you find it as I think it is really cool. My email address is Anyway Congratulations if you found this as I really did think that no one would ever find it and it would be one of those things on the Internet that no one will ever find like one of those free sites that no one ever visits. Not like ones made on this site they are cool!!! I love this site and thanks for it.
8 hours during the day (my job) and often a couple of hours in the vening (games, surfing etc.)
TOO long, especially since I got my new 2200-dollar laptop. Counter-Strike and Half-Life look too awesome to stop playing voluntarily. Plus I need to organize what software I have installed and stuff like. You know, all the crap Mac users complain about but PC users enjoy because of the customizability and ability to basically master your computer. (MUHAHA)
1-2 hours on weekdays, and 2-3 hours on weekends.
3 hours on weekdays, 5 hours on weekends Very Happy I am addicted...
during the weekdays i am on maybe 3 hours a night, but on the weekends i am usually on all day for like 6-8 hours
maybe around 6-8 hours as you do.. but it depends on my work... if i have much work, then i stay even longer.
Typically, 10-12 hours a day. I am a computer lab coordinator, so I spend a fair amount of time in front of computers as part of my job. Mostly repetitious work; re-aligning icons misplaced on the desktop, installing new applications, setting up new PCs for use on our network, things like that. Of course, I like the occasional Photoshop session, or a quick deathmatch in Unreal.

At home, I use the PC for making music. I will usually run thru Fruity Loops to create a complex drum track for an instrumental, then load it in Cool Edit Pro2 to record the bass track. Toss in some synth sounds, maybe a little guitar or grand piano, then mix and master. Photoshop has its place at home, too. Photo restoration is a big favorite around here(I think I just might go into business Smile. Oh, and games. Games, games, games. Nothing like battling folks in the next room and hearing them scream.

Yup, the PC has pretty much taken over my life.
i will got 10 hour per day if free
On avg probably 8 to 10 hours. I game about 2 to 4 hours usually everyday and work at a computer all day.
Freelance GD
I am working a computer related job, so I have to stay on computer usually the whole day. I think I spend 12-14 hours on computer. During this time I work for my company and also work on graphics designing.
4-7 hours a day; in weekends too long... I can't say much more, I've never ever timed myself. I did, however, the other weekend, sit from ten in the morning till 5 morning next day... That was tireing...

nox! Cool
goutha wrote:
8-10 hours daily... because of my job... I'm addicted Smile

I know the feeling. The same thing for me plus when you get home, right? I used to be in a long distance relationship and my day consisted of approx. 16 hours in front of computer. I'm addicted also, but my lower back is not. It just wants to get off of the chair and relax. If it wasn't for my back today, I'd still spend numerous hours in front of the computer.

i spend about 6 hours on my computer and on weekends it can be a lot longer
used to be around 15hrs/day ( that time i was addicted to online games) now is around 8 hours/day have to do some works and try to manage my website done. ^^
10 hours per day (job related). So after that hours, I feel dizzy and sometimes go straight to bed and sleep. Confused
14 hours per day.. 8 of them job related.. the rest is just me juncking some internet Cool
4 to 6 hours for myself. I do tons of stuff on the comp, do work, have fun, etc.. Though usually, it depends on the circumstances. On weekends I usually go on the whole day, or none at all. All depends on my mood and the situation
Well, apart from whatever time I get in school...
I generally do homework for maybe 2 hours, with "frag breaks" that consume about 3 hours on their own. Also my music is on my computer, so i am always "on" my computer listening to different stuff.
Short answer: 7 hours a day
10 hours a day at least, 8 of which are at work - so not always fun or entertainment
6 hours is a high-score for me. I played StarCraft and err... Prehistorik when i was 5. My eyes was like a rats eyes.
More than I should, but less than I would like. It is an addiction I believe, not as bad as drugs and alcohol I suppose, but bad enough.
4-5 hrs a day and on weekends 7-8 hrs Razz
mine is almost... unhealthy *cough*

sometimes 8 hours or if i really enjoy... well, i've got lots to do online and have several accounts everywhere that i have to keep alive so that had me consume lots of hours. even checking emails always took me several hours. the least is 2 hours.
I spend almost 11 hours on computer because of my work on weekdays. And on weekends like an average of 3 hours because i play games.
I stay on my computer about 3 hours every evening in the week and about 6 at the weekend!
4-5 hours in front of the computer.
U especially download many study materials.
Also i Use the net to learn programming languages.
My spent time infront of the computer depends on many factores:
- whether I have holidays or not
- if I'm ill or not
- if I'm bored or not
- if the weather is bad or not

But I think in average I spent about 3 hours / day infront of the computer. I think this is way too much and try to reduce it, though Smile
Last year I was on the computer for about 5 hours a day. This year that number decreased to about 2-3 hours. But on weekends I still go on the computer for about 5 hours a day
I'm usually on the computer on weekdays for about 6-7 hours for work. And I'm probably on it for longer on weekends, unless it's sunny outside.

2m4a wrote:
stay around 6-8 hours daily,couse i stay on it at home and at work

so what about you?

me too
fair few hours a day!

i only work part time - 4 hours a day 5 days a week..... the rest is spent on the the pc doin freelance design i.e. web, flyers, ads, banners etc

and clothing for people...

also djing via internet radios (using decks etc not a shitty mp3 mouse clickin so called dj) etc which requires me in the chatrooms aswell so even tho im up mixing on turntables using vinyl etc im still on the still on pc!
I stay around 6-8 hours daily
I spend nearly 18 hours and sometimes even more on the PC. This also includes the downloading of torrents and other files.
Around 8 hours a day... I work all day long in front of a computer...
Including at work, typing notes at lectures at college, and at home, about 7 hours, I guess?

Shit, that's a lot.
Is there such a thing as addiction? I spend about 6 to 8 hours on the computer at work (strictly working, you understand). Then come home and spend another 3 hours frolicking and playing (e.g., mostly chat using ICQ, MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.) and surfing the WWW and catching up on personal emails. Frankly speaking, I would have no problem spending 10 hours a day (minus time to for marathon training). I even eat in front of the keyboard! (… but haven’t fried my keyboard with my drink yet.)

How about the some of you guys? Am I the only person here who finds the cyber world real? Maybe I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole. ??
Maybe about 6 hrs a day. I use it in the school as well, so it is to increase the amount of hours. Maybe I should decrease using computer Smile
09-10 hours daily coz im a web developer and also I'm addicted. so spend most of my time in front of PC
i work on a pc for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
then i go home and play with my pc for 5-6 hours a day, 8-12 hours on my days off.
About 2-3 hours on weekdays...
But on weekend I can spend up to 6 hours on my computer...
I think that's too much, I'm searching ways to get away from my computer!
i'm usually online for internet about 1 to 10 hours a day since i'm trying to make good useful websites with a lot of visitors. getting online to long is net good for health. but since i'm using internet not for playing games i think it's fine. i'm easily get tired and have breaks between my online time to keep myself fresh and stay healthy Rolling Eyes
if im playing a game i can stay on for about 16 hours sustaining myself on monster and sunflower seeds
I work from 09:00 till 14:00 @ PC.

My free time on pc is for games, and webdesign.
And personal contacts, having fun. My own business, etc.

I think 9 ours for 1 day @ the pc.
Weekend i'm off....

A lot of time @ my pc. And I like it ! Very Happy
typically, probably 1 -2 hours a day. More sometimes depending on whatever.
10 to 15 hours but I work for a networkign company. So im constantly monitoring the trafic in and out of the building.
a couple of hours a day.... 4 or 5 in the evening after school lol
I usually stay on about 2-3 hours on weekdays, considering that on weekdays, I have school. On weekends though, I can stay on as long as I feel like, usually 7-8 hours, or until 1:00 P.M. Considering that on weekends, I focus on getting relaxed, on weekdays, though, I focus on schoolwork and my outside social life.
People say I live in the computer, so you can imagine. However, I found it hard to sleep when use the computer before bed, is there a relationship? My head is keep on thinking about stuffs, like programming ideas, music composing ideas... All of those ideas that just pop in my brain and flash in my eye when I close them.... Get annoying after a while...
way to much 7-9 hours. Try to fix my website and play poker so a lot of time is running. Sometime a really get tired of the PC and want to do other thing. The worst is time goes so fast in front of a computer
kevin briggs

Im on the pc daily for about 3/5 hours, I daily have to spend 3 hours on the computer due to school, and after school I work on my website etc
i stay infront of computers for 2 hrs perday
but this time might increase with the demand of my brain
I normally work on computer...and I almost staying on computer about 10 to 12 hours including my leisure time. My work is concerning I have to stick on pc most of the time. Apart from this, I played some games on the net...kind a card, pool online..good spending time when you feel bored.
usually i stay 5 to 8 hours in front of comptuer in week days.
2m4a wrote:
stay around 6-8 hours daily,couse i stay on it at home and at work

so what about you?

It depends greatly on how much work I have to do, what day it is, and if I got internet access.
If I got internet access I have no problems sitting at the computer 12 hours/day. During the week I dont have internet access (since my dorm room is horribly bad) and then I barely use the computer at all.
It´s really easy to just get stuck on some forum or game... but still, it´s not worse than watching TV Wink
if i have nothing else to do... its like 10-12 hrs but wen its college or exams are approaching, its only 1-2 hrs max!!
I stay on the computer for like 5 hours a day doin college stuff. I also spend like 5 hours on weekends playing Conquer and Quake and COD... etc.

Hey everyone I am learning to use html and trying to build my own website. As of right now im jsut working with simple Hello world stuff. I was just wondering where everyone in here learned to use html and building websites and all that programming stuff. Did you guys read any books or learn from friends or waht please tell me cus i do want to learn.
Hey eeveryone just want to know if any one out there is willing to help me on buiding a site and learning html and just basically mentor me on the best ways to approach website design and stuff. i want to build a site with transactions where i can sell stuff. any tips.
I do my work on the computer.
Luckly i have my own business, and all i need is really my computer.
I travel a lot, but always bring my computer.
I estimate about 10 hours daily, but i am not online all the time.

I really have to turn of MSN Messenger sometimes as it takes away my consentration Razz

Mezza Smile
around 5-6 hours a day
During the school week, I'm lucky if I get on for more than two hours. The weekend varies, some days I'm on for two hours and out the rest of the time, others I could be on for 9-10 hours. Depends on what there is to do.
On week days I used to get on my computer at around 4:10PM, then turn it off at from 12:00AM - 2:00AM (or later sometimes, it just depends). During that time I would go and do other things, and of course have dinner - so I wasn't on the computer all that time.
Now I've cut down a bit and might turn on my computer at 6:30PM or some time around there, I usually turn it off at around the same time though - right now it's 1:20AM for me.
Duncan Idaho
I used to start on the computer at noon, and stayed on until 7 in the morning (on weekends, of course). But that has changed since summer is now over and the work seasons have begun. But I am mostly on the computer for the machinimas I make, and those take a long time to produce. It may take a month before a single episode is completed, but with machinimas, at least you have games to base the episodes off of, instead of flash animation.
I've been trying to cut down on home computer time, at home about 2-3 hours max a day. When I'm working I'm on it for 6-7 hours. Of course I take some breaks from it though, my eyesite has been really affected by my computer use.
To much time, around 5-6 hours a day, I need to use less time.
I usually spend about 5 hours daily.
(I also use my computer as a DVR/ TV, so that counts as some of the hours)
I think that addiction is when you sacrifice something you used to hold as "important" in order to **insert adiction here**.
So in my opinion the amount of time you use the computer has no relationship with addiction.
15 minutes at most. Check email, AWITS, other stuff and *woosh* I'm not here. GTG Razz
6-8 hours daily... I'm addicted too but i think it's the average
I spend at least 5 hours/day on the computer. But I also have to use the computer for my Multimedia class at school for about an hour and a half.
I must spend at least 5 hours surfing the web, playing games and stuff on my computer. i dunno what I'll do without it
I am in the 4-6 group during the week because I spend alot of hours on the computer for homework and other things. I am addicted to forums and often spending every minute of free time that I have on forums and playing games.
I stay 8-10 hours Crying or Very sad
Well I go on when I get home from school, but I do other stuff in between. So for personal use (which is really the only reason I use it) Id say about 4 hours.
I'm using it for business and pleasure. I think if I want to calculate it would be like more than 12 hours a day, but on weekend normally I will try not to use PC for the whole day. I'm using PC doing a lot of research and also PC is a tools thats simplify the tasks at hand.
I probably use the computer 6 hours per day when im at home. the computer is just a blessing. its all in one... entertainment, work, and GAMES. so yeas bout 6 hours i think
I am a student and maximum time is soent on games and internet. 2-3 hours on normal days and some 4-5hours on holidays. it generally varies heavily. Thogh this is my average.
I usually spend 2-3 hours on my computer but on sundays my net is free so that day I'm around the comp for about 15 hrs!
I'm on it from about 6am through to 9am, then I take a break, back on it from 10am through to 1.30pm, take another break, and then might get on it from 2-3pm til 6pm, and then who knows in the night. I work from home, so it depends if I get orders from our Sydney offices.
It depends on how long i have to do things and in wich mood i am Wink
hello everyone

I stay almost 15 hours in the weekend Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

And in the week i stay around 7 hours but thats to much say my parents!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Rolling Eyes

but i love computing i play games make a site
For me it all depends on my mood and how busy I am that day. About a year ago though, I was on usually between 6 - 12 hours a day. Now that I have moved out and am starting to have a life though, it can range from 0 - 12 hours.
During weekdays I stay in my computer for about 6-7 hours. But in weekends hmm... almost half of the day I spend my time in my computer...
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