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Tell Us About How You Uploaded Your First Webpage

The first website I visited was Yahoo and that led me to Geocities. I applied for a new website since I was curious. Back then Geocities had its PageBuilder in Java which I tried. It loaded so slow on my modem connection. My first page was created and uploaded after a whole night at Geocities. I remember the date when I uploaded my first webpage August 28, 1999.

After that, I got smarter.

Very Happy
I had started an Abyss X3 webserver at home to run my VA, CS and Technology sites. I had used Frontpage 98 (I think, correct me if I am wrong) on the server, so my changes were immediate. But it had no email addresses, etc. Just files, available on the internet. Nothing amazing, I had just finished the entire site when my PC started smoking at the back... Old Acers have no cooling systes except for the CPU heatsink!
My borther taught me HTML when I was 8 or 9, and I made a little sucky website that never got on the Internet. Some years later I made a new one, and uploaded it at the webspace I got from my ISP. Now I have my 4th site on Frihost Very Happy
Loghete wrote:
My borther taught me HTML when I was 8 or 9, and I made a little sucky website that never got on the Internet. Some years later I made a new one, and uploaded it at the webspace I got from my ISP. Now I have my 4th site on Frihost Very Happy

Wow ! You got 4 sites on frihost when your allowed just one account.
Forgive me if they're all subdomains.

Anyway, I also uploaded my first page on Geocities. I guess everyone does. It was back then in 2003 or something.
I made my website on iWeb, and then I uploaded it using the Easy iWeb Publisher. Laughing I have no clue how to make a website any other way.
GameFreak wrote:
Loghete wrote:
My borther taught me HTML when I was 8 or 9, and I made a little sucky website that never got on the Internet. Some years later I made a new one, and uploaded it at the webspace I got from my ISP. Now I have my 4th site on Frihost Very Happy

Wow ! You got 4 sites on frihost when your allowed just one account.
Forgive me if they're all subdomains.

Anyway, I also uploaded my first page on Geocities. I guess everyone does. It was back then in 2003 or something.

Du'h. I meant my 4th website is on Frihost.
I had various versions of my site on free hosts and general crap in 2002, but the first thing you can call "Joss' Site" I guess was in 2003 when I found a fairly decent host, I brought my domain in 2004 and then moved to FriHost in 2005... I still use the FriHost server but I now host my site on a bigger server. My FriHost server is well useful for a few admin tools that other hosts don't provide, also extra things really that I don't want lagging up my main site. It's all evolved quite a lot really.
My first real good website on the Internet that I was putting so much time and effort into would be my old web game, which I sold (I regret selling it now) GiroPets, which is the same concept of NeoPets but is not, I repeat, is not a complete copy since it has it's own differences. Remember, all cars have steering wheels and no one tries to claim it as their invention.

I started off with Lycos Tripod, a HTML-only webhost, then I went to their UK Tripod website, which supports PHP and MySQL, which is what I needed to use to get the website running. I paid for their hosting for awhile, and then I ventured off into web hosts that had used cPanel.

I started that website in around the year 2001 and sold it in 2004, I think. Here it is 2006, and I'm making another web game here on FriHost. Very Happy I'll make my website's start here and move on if I have to. I feel that I'm going to have to, since my old web game was consuming around 100GB of bandwidth a month, which was almost impossible to get with a hosting package at the time I had it. I did some searching a week ago and found that it's a dime a dozen to find a host that supports that much bandwidth.

I'd like to stress that my website did NOT look as good as it does now when I first started it. I love the Internet Archive, just type in "" to see some of the way that the pages looked when I made them at the time. It's a shame that my old Tripod account is gone and that it's not stored in the Internet Archive. But still, it's a GREAT tool. My biggest laughs go to the original homepage when it was first made, I think in 1996. It was a page introducing you to Windows 95. Razz

- Mike.
lol it makes me laugh in tears when I remember, my first "website" if I can call it that, was more of a single white page than a website ^^ and it contained a simple guide on how to remove the ads from certain websites, how to browse the websites without seeing the ads and waiting for the ads to load, note that this was many years ago when there was no FireFox and all these cool extensions that make things way easier now Razz

Anyway, the page was hosted on a free web host that was offering 1mb space rofl! I told u it makes me laugh when I remember it, and it had damn pop-up ads forced, it was so lame and sad... any who the page got a lot of visitors since I advertised it a lot at that time, then after a while I realised "wtf am I doin? this is pointless, let them figure it out themselves" hehe and I gave up the project... so from that simple page to making complex php scripts on a good looking website now and running a dedicated server holding on it 8 sub servers of an online game which has 10k accounts on it, has passed a lot of time and a lot of guides/studies/readings...

would I do it all over again? probably not...
I tried to make many sites. My first site that i remember is from there i came to frihost. I made severl sites most of which i don't have anymore. My one here was a classic car site but it stopped after a while.
meet in rio
1. Expage (ah, the good old days)
2. Geocities (page builder!)
3. Geocities (file manager)
4. Freewebs
5. Frihost

My first website was a non-automated horse sim game and I was 10. It was played by email, had a squillion different sections and involved a lot of laborious page-editing on my part. I could also only get on the internet at weekends, so I'd spend all Saturday updating the thing.
The first website/page that I had uploaded was a tribute site for Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana. Back in those days I was a very big fan of Grunge Music especially Nirvana.

The date the site was uploaded must have been about February 1996. I was at University and I was studying MediaLab Arts BSc at University of Plymouth. One of our first projects was to create a site handcoding HTML 3.2. We were to pick a topic of interest and I had decided to do a site about Kurt.

It was a very rudimentary site but was a good site for my first attempt. Looking back at it, I probably would have done it very different, but I didnt have much taste then. I don't think many people had taste then. Internet tase was prettey abismal.

We worked on Macromedia Director 3 and Adobe Photoshop 2.0 to produce additional content. In those days I think that Macromedia had just acquired a product called Splash which was a vector animation package which they had incorporated with their Macromedia Director Shockwave Projector and that is where Flash 1.0 was invented.
I dont remember exactly but I definately started with Geocities. I then got bored of using the editor and went on to trying to learn HTML but of course, that wasn't enough. I was really into Web-Based MMORPGs at the time and I really wanted to create my own so I tried using HTML but realized that it was not going to work that way. I then heard about PHP and learned some basics like if statements and echo but not enough to create a game so I gave up for about a year or two. After my web building break, I started learning about MySQL and how a database system works so I played around with that and got some basic things done until I thought that I was skilled enough to try and make a game again. I then began making a We Based MMORPG and thats where I am today.
i asked people what they used here...and found that filezilla is common for ftp uploading. it also helpped with chmod ...i still use filezilla today.
my first website was made with frontpage 98 i think if not mistaken. Back then I had no idea or what soever about making websites, I just played around with it. Then when looking for a web host, my friend recommended angelfire, so that's where I started.
Back at school in 2001, I volunteered to help put up some pages for our schol website. It is still there but is no longer updated.. We were given templates and we typed the content between comments that said Insert Your Content Here and End Inserted Content. The only tags we were taught to use were <h2> for the titles <p> for paragraphs. Those were the first tags I learned. Very Happy
Temple Of Wisdom
my first site was on geocities as well. it was basicly a learning website. i had no need for it, but it got me started on web editing. The next site i had was built with a WYSIWUG and i had my own domain. I had that site for a over a year. that didnt offer much so i quit. i went without a site a awhile and now im here. Smile
For me, it was around April 2002. My first page is a page that shows that the page is under construction. Pretty cool, huh? I uploaded several pictures of bulldozers at construction site to yahoo! geocities to show that the page is under development.

Then I tried a lot of free webhosts since then, Lycos Tripod, SiteSled, etc, etc. And just found Frihost several weeks ago. I don't like posting requirements to have a free webspace... but looks like I've changed my mind.
my first webpage is veri beginer with some basic coding last year december,using smart ftp ,hosted by 5gigs(the worst),just like an old yahoo layout... got music background ...nevigation and some about me page...with colourful bars pictures...
I used Homestead with their web builder in Java way back when. I didn't know anything about HTML at the time. Confused
ahhh... back in the old days...

I started out on Tripod, back in 2003, uploaded my first site through frontpage.

I quit later, because they only allowed 5mb space, and had annoying ads. Sad

Moved around a lot, and have recently seen the light.. dum dum dum: FRIHOST!!!
Because my 1st site had many files yet, I really searched for a provider which supported FTP. I found and after they put advertisment on my site I searhed google and finally find frihost.
My first page was on geocities. I didnt uploaded it but I had directly typed the whole code in its edit window only.
My first site whas on my ISP ( but they downed it after 2 months becouse i had not any visitors they said.

my first site whas one page with some text about my self and some pictures on me and my dog.
My first webpage was at freewebs I didnt know anything about it, I was just putting words and everything and I thought I knew everything on how to make a website I was telling everyone but then I realized that I could do so much more. I did Geocities one to, I had a modem to and took me a long time to and I didint come out as good.
my first webby was @ freewebs
Where do I begin with this one? I remember when I first got my internet connection back in the late 90s, It was a 56.6 K Dial Up, wasn't the greatest times, but back then web sites where basic and very few where intense as today's web sites.

I started web hosting with Geocities like many before me, Geocities was one of the only options back then, you had fortune city and so on, but Fortune City was horrible. I used Geocities because everyone around me used it. Eventually I moved with Bravehost, 100MB and so on, but Geocities was still the best option. Then it was PFWH "Perfect Free Web Hosting" which had a 95% or more downtime. Thats when I found Frihost and eventually in 6 Months, which believe me was the longest time I've stayed with any host I've moved on with my own hosting.

All this was caused by wanting to have a perfect web site, but the ads always ruined the look and feel. My first web site was text and a colored background, thats all. but even then, as basic as it was, the ads always ruined it for me.

Also I'm back and posting on Frihost! Smile
Hm... The firstime I upload my web pages are on Geocities. The web that I've created was full wih HTML code (because I only know how to make a site with Notepad). After then, I begin to use Frontpage and upload it still on Geocities.
My first website was hosted on angelfire with 20mb space,there was a top banner on it,which was bearable,but after about a year,they added a bottom banner and a second top banner,so i moved my site to freewebhosting,which had a 10mb limit but only a small text ad at the bottom,but the limited space became a pain,so i moved again,this time a friend of mine gave me some space on his host,so for the first time i had no-ad webspace.. unfortunately he stopped paying for it without telling me and i lost the site... luckily i had saved it to the pc about 6 months earlier so still had a copy of it....

Then i found frihost.

(my old site is hosted on here in a folder,but i dont maintain it anymore,its just there for nostagia reasons,and for people who used to visit it,to have a look)
I remember that first site I had on . I had there site not log, cos they have text banner. Then I started to searching free hosting in Poland.
I found some servers, but they wasn't good for me. One or two months ago,
I found a great hosting but now it's dead. I asked on many
forums about free hosting and some people recommend me yours hosting.
That's why now I'm here. Smile
i made my first webpage in frontpage express and i uploladed it also on byethost ,but it was poor.i have made a lot of webpages but i was not satisfied.Now i made this one one month ago with xoops and it is working perfectly,its nice looking and i have a good hosting provider with lot of space and bandwith (cant say the name). and i also learned a lot of php and scripting
Actually my first site is located on it is my first time to study about webpages and html. So, as going further and further, I would like to build my own site. So there it was, I've totaly finished my site. It contains Flash animations about our Class Section in our School. And I'm very happy to finish this kind of website.
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