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What will you do if you know the date of your death?

What would you do if you know the date of your death?
Why should we be worried? Enjoy the life till we die!
 100%  [ 6 ]
I would really, REALLY pray to god.
 0%  [ 0 ]
I would become morose, brood, and talk to nobody.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

What will you do if you know the date of your death? Well, i am almost sure that i wouldn't be thinking about enjoying my restover life. I am not that type of person who can be happy about things like that. Well, i am not saying that people who are like that are weird. Their attitude is great. But i won't brood, either. I would just pray to god.

What are your opinions?
This is a tough one, well first i would probally be gutted and just mope about been extreamly depressed and lock myself in a room but i guess i would end up desiding to have the best possible time with how ever long i had left!
Well, I'd try and achieve my goals and ambitions. I would also clear all my debts and seek forgiveness from all my foes. I'd do all this before the FATAL DATE.
i'd enjoy every bit of my remining life. Why worry about it? The more you worry about the more you're wasting your life Laughing
I'd do everything I want. XD Hehe. I'd enjoy my remaining life to the fullest. I know I would cry and ask for a little more time, but I won't waste my time in doing such things. I'd write goodbye letters to my loved ones and spend time with them. Oh, I want to travel too!
Funny you should ask, my wife and I were talking about that only yesterday. Our discussion was a little more specific. She asked what I would do if I knew I was dying tomorrow. My reply was that Id give the cats a treat (tinned pilchards seem to really float their little boats), Id give Tazz (my sons border collie) a Beeno and Ill settle down for the rest of the day playing one of my favorite computer games. That must sound a little frivolous I suppose, but thats the kind of thing I like doing on an off day. Maybe watch a movie in the afternoon. Very Happy
If you knew when you were going to die, you might actually be more productive with your life - because you'd know exactly how much time you had.

In the same way you work harder on an essay that has to be handed in the next day, you would work harder to achieve the things you wanted to do with your life. It could actually be a good thing.
The real question is, if you 'knew' the date of your death, does that mean you would be effectively immortal until that time? If you shot yourself, you couldn't die because it wasn't that date yet... so you could become the world's craziest stuntman and risk-taker! Very Happy
I'm not too afraid of that, I've got quite a few more years to go, but this site can give you a vauge idea on when you're going to die :

The Death Clock

- Mike.
I'd probably need some time to get over the initial shock, but then I'd do my best to make the rest of my life enjoyable. I'd have no regrets at all and do whatever I wanted. Then, on my final moments, spend some quality time with my friends and family. In the end, I'd say something dumb and die while leaving whoever would be around me with a weird expression on their faces (refer to the "final words" thread in this same forum).
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