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John Terry keeping for Chelsea

In yesterday's match between Chelsea and Reading, the blue wave picked up a vital away win. But, the bad news for Mourinho's boys is that both the top keepers of Chelsea got injured in the game. In the early moments, it was Cech and in the dying stages, it was Cudicini. So, who could keep but JOHN TERRY !

He kept quite well actually and, the PROBLEM for Chelsea is that both their keepers will be injured so who'll keep for them......a youth team keeper?
They do have a 3rd keeper, can't remember his name. Signed him last year and he hasn't started for them yet.

Isn;t looking for for Chelski.

They could always just pull a keeper from their Youth team though.

Either way, they'll need to rely on their defence more so than usual Smile
For those who don't know, Hilário is the 3rd Chelsea goalkeeper.
I know Hilário performances when he was at the portuguese league and the man is actually a very good goalkeeper. He can be sort of rusty, but now he got the chance. Ok, Cech is really the top goalkeeper, but Hilário's skill can be close to Cech's.
Mourinho is well known for discovering what others don't see, and Hilário is one of those players that was playing at an unknown club at Portugal.
I don't know but they will surely have third keeper. But he has not been in the news, but we will find him in the news lately due to the injury of both the first two keepers.

I don't think John Terry will keep it for them.
wont they just sign up a good keeper from somewhere else? Or get a loan. There arent really any problems doing that, although in champions league they wouldnt be able to use someone who has played in the CL for this year. I doubt they would go for the 3rd string goaley. Their usually there to help train with the other goalies.
Hilário proved he can do a good job. He deserved this moment of glory. He is that kind of good unknown player. He has a lot of potential. Good luck Hilário!
Hilario is a good keeper ,Mourinho should give him a chance in the next games
I'm sure Chealsea won't need to sign anymore GK for now. It was horrible though that 2 GK got severely injuried in one game, and that's like something that had never happened before. Many people said Reading's forward was target the Gk rather than the ball, I didn't see the match so I can't tell much. I hope Cech will be fine, though I'm not a Che fans, it's a waste if he can't be GK again anymore.
Hilario indeed will start tonight in the Carling Cup. He isn't that bad and I suppose he should go to Championship teams in order to build his career. His definetely not as horrible as people would liek to think. However, news indicate that Chelsea is trialling a new Goal Keeper who is a free agent atm and he used to play for Monaco and Marseille.

News last time link Chelsea with Barthez. That would indeed be interesting. A team with 3 world-class GK in Cech, Cudicini and Barthez ! Eventhough Barthez isn't in his peak form anymore, but still they are all big names there Razz
Patriot Players
Thank goodness Hilario has been playing well. I live in America so I wasn't able to watch the game, but when I heard that Cech got a skull fracture AND Cudicini got a concussion in the SAME GAME, I nearly had a heart attack. Of course now there are kinds of rumors about Chelsea trying to sign keepers like Buffon and others, but I doubt most of them are credible.
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