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I just tried the game Scarface, and I find it extremely disappointing.

I would like to know what other people think about it, the graphics I fine are lame, and the guy basically never dies. It's easy to kill people, and I don't know it looks like nothing new. I'm presently playing The Godfather which I find pretty good, so far a 8/10, can anyone enlighten me about this game Scarface does it get better.
is it just another GTA clone?...Godfather's ok but not satisfying. Gonna avoid Scarface then. Very Happy
Pablo Diablo
While Scarface is indeed a GTA-esque game in every respect, it does have a slight bit of a different feel than said series, and in large part that winds up being a good thing. Instead of working through a seemingly random storyline with characters that come out of nowhere, Scarface does a fantastic job of putting you into the shoes of Tony Montana and letting you have your way with the city of Miami. Almost everything you do seems connected with overtaking the city, resulting in what feels like a much more "cohesive" experience than you'll find in other open-world games. There's certainly a story here, but it's based around revenge and taking back what belongs to you, so it feels a tad more like a setting rather than an always-progressing narrative. Instead of helping a random mob boss simply because the story says so, everything you do is for your benefit and obviously so. Again, it's more basic than many other games we've seen in the genre, but it works very well, makes more sense and seems much more natural.
Pablo Diablo
Where Scarface rises above most of its competition is in its elements beyond the core action. You're able to buy properties and turn them into fronts for selling drugs, take over warehouses and then go on dispersion missions to collect your loot, hire goons to protect your fronts and more. All of this is manageable via a nicely set up phone menu (which is far more advanced than what we remember from the '80s).

This whole system gives weight to buying properties. Rather than simply owning them to act as safe houses or to increase your ownership of the land (which they also do), you're directly rewarded for the areas that you take over. Each front also has drug demand and price stats for the area, so you'll want to make sure you drop off your stash at these areas first. If they're overrun with drugs however, you won't get as much. It's a pretty cool system that works great with the setting.
Really Appreciated the comments thanks alot, you make me feel like giving the game a little more of a chance. The movie was a classic, I just hope the game can turn into one too.

Godfather the game, I played it half way and decided I've played enough and there is nothing new to the game, I found it very I hope Scarface is not the same. Thanks
Man you guys dissing this game do NOT know what you're talking about. Give this game a try guys. I'm an avid gamer and I cant tear myself away from this game. It kicks just as much bum as the movie. (which is a LOT of bum. I'm talking Homer Simpson here)

The city of miami is huge, although not quite as free-roaming as I would like in a way, it still looks great. And once you start making some real money selling drugs you can buy from a huge list of cars and boats and with the push of a button have a henchman deliver any one of em right to where you stand. Once you have a boat you can drive right out of the HUGE ocean and then end up in the islands which is an entire additional HUGE area to explore. You can also buy furniture and decorations for your mansion (which looks exactly like in the movie to the tee it's great) and the game saves your decorations of course so it's great spending time buying all this stuff for it. You can also switch to either a driver, assassin, or enforcer guy to do extra missions for Tony, the game just rocks! Theres so much to do!

9.5/10 from me
I forgot the best part! The voice acting for Tony is awesome!!! Although it's not Al Pacino himself it sounds exactly like him. And the actor was apparently 'approved' by Mr. Pacino himself. He's got the biggest pottymouth I've ever seen in a game it's great the stuff that comes out of that guys mouth. Just like in the movie.
Wow, you really can do all those things, this game sounds amazing. I'm going to really give it another shot. Thanks
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