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Speakers And Receiver Hook Up To computer

I wanted to know if anyone ever Hooked Up A Receiver To there Pc And how I would accomplish something like that.

I have a digital sound reciever and I have a 5.1 hook up, in my PC I have a sound card 7.1 onboard for now until I buy a good one.

I want to hook up my speaker digitally so I bought a coaxial cable(Similar to optical) .

I just need some help figuring this out.Any thing is useful
I don't currently have mine set up this way but normally I do.
All I did was buy a cable at the local Radio Shack that has a 1/8" headphone jack on one end (stereo of course) and 2 rca jacks on the other (both ends are male connectors).

Plug the headphone jack into an audio output on your soundcard (preferably line out, but the regular speaker jack will do if that's all the card has..the difference being that normally Line out has a lower output since the signal will be amplified in the receiver anyway)
Then plug the 2 RCA jacks into one of the audio inputs on the receiver..and that's it.

If you want to use coax, then you will need a sound card that has a coax output and your receiver will need coax in. Althoug you shouldn't really need it, as the receiver should be able to take a stereo signal and encode it to surround as long as the audio signal has the data needed for surround sound (dvd players always have stereo outputs but the audio signal carries the extra info needed for digital surround)

Personally I think that movies are great in surround, but music sucks, and should always be played in stereo as that's how it's recorded.
I'm pretty sure, that the last info is quite good for a single reciever in the old fashion way... but, somehow, I think the question was a little bit more deep... I really want to know if that acomplish your curiosity, or if it was something else...

Thanks I seem to be researching it right now I'll let you know when I get it though.
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