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Hello Anyone Have Any Idea How To Use Microsoft Exchange


I am looking to making an exchange server at my house.

I really want to be able to access it from any website, and what I was told is Microsoft exchange will be able to make me access my Outlook Data Files through a web browser. I have received Exchange Server 2000, can any point me to the right direction into how I can commence training in this field.

I think I need to make a Domain Controller and I have no idea on how to make one so, I just want someones opinion on Microsoft Exchange and how to start my own.
I don't know much about exchange server except that you need a server level OS to run it. Win 2000 or win 2003 server editions.
Sure! That would work! Povided that you have a rack server, a fast internet connection and enough money to fill a jacuzi!
I dont know exactly what you wants. Make a Exchange Web services maybe is not an easy as you think. Make a Exchange web site needs to consider an other stuffs like firewall, anti-virus, Broadband, etc. If you wants only take a experience try to do it. You can take a shot in Microsoft Site there is a lot of information about how to make a Dominio in the other hand there is a good web site thath offer services to have outlook characteristics in a web . this site is called
I appreciate the tip about mail2web cruzo.

First of I am running a Windows 2000 Server At My House 24/7 It is connected to a broadband connection (Cable Regualr Speeds DS:600kb/s US:100kb/s.

I want to make an exchange server which I will be able to access from any website, so I can access my calendar and my contacts and my email from anywhere with an internet connection. I have the time to learn anything you throw to me.

Plus I have seen this in action, my brother's company runs one and I played with it and enjoyed it.

So If anyone can point me to some good tutorials or any demo's it would be appreciated , at the sametime I will continue on my own to look for info.
If I get anything I shall share it with you all, thanks for the responses and help
If you have windows 2000 server you can make a domain controler. I could tell you how to do it, but I found a site which does this step-by-step, pictures included. You can find it on (don't mention the active directory in the name, it starts with how to promote your server to DC (domain controler)) Note: they say something about your domain name. It's good to have your own. If you don't have your own, use a fake one (for example a .TK name) or a subdomain but remember: the one you use will be known by your server as itself. So don't choose, because then you can't visit this site from your dc. Wink

If you have done this and your server works fine you can install your exchange server. Microsoft has a nice tutorial how that works on their site. You can find it at technet:

Good luck!
Working with your own exchange server is fun. I used to do it, but since some years I prefer Linux for my mailserver Wink

Thanks for the help everyone, I've been working with the software and everything is working as planned....

A great help thanks
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