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Ronaldinho,Zidane,Beckham or Gerard

The Legends..Which one do you like more...?
 66%  [ 26 ]
 20%  [ 8 ]
 5%  [ 2 ]
 7%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 39

Which one is the best...Just vote... I think Zidane rulezzzz..
Ronaldinho is currently the best. His ball control is incredible and he makes watching football very enjoyable. A few years ago Zidane was on top, but age is catching up to him and he doesn't seem to have the same influence on a game anymore. Beckham is an overrated player - but he's very good at generating media coverage wherever he goes.
For me is Ronaldinho

He´s young yet and has all "ginga" needed to play soccer like a kid
Ronaldinho looks like a frog. he's poor. loserk's right Zidane rulezzzz.
thank u Wink
Bruno Kitsune
Ronaldinho of course... he is currently the best.
And him don't need to be beautiful to play soccer...
Him make a lot of goals, and have the "brazilian ginga" (by Healckles)
For me is Zidane.
Ronaldhino of course. Younger and i love his tricks :p..
I like Zizou, he was the best, but age is taking the power. He has many fantastic tricks and uses his head Wink But Ronaldinho is growing star Wink

I voted Zizou, he is best player forever in my mind Wink Legend doesn't die ...

I hae zidane Confused

Beckham and Real Madrid is my all time dislike.
Even though I liked him once: When he missed the 11m at the European Championship. Twisted Evil
Ronaldinho, offcourse, i like he, is a greate man and i like of style for play soccer of he.
I like attack follball so he has the most attractive skill.

he is also the most popular player in the world.
for this poll i vote gerard ,
just for thinking what about totti?
yes you're right...i should have made options for totti,henry,rooney,ronaldo,raul,figo,etc...but this would be a flood...
loserk wrote:
yes you're right...i should have made options for totti,henry,rooney,ronaldo,raul,figo,etc...but this would be a flood...

cmon, lets be realistic, ronaldinho is the greates, no doubt at all. rooney? legend? raul? what did raul do in last few seasons? played like zidane, poor with few good matches... ronaldo is too fat, hahahaha, figo too puffed up.... henry...well, ok, u might put him.... but totti???? cmon, we are talking about football players or what? Laughing

ronaldinho PLAYS football....other people make money...
so are there anyone who are interested in this topic...? or did you forget these legends?
Out of those four, Zidane is the best ever.

But for the best right now, I have to go with Ronaldinho. Nobody is better at creating for his teammates especially on the run.
zidane ..

but now it's ronaldinho
I think Ronaldinho is the best...
I love to see Ronaldinho play football, he is so young but he is one of the bests ! Very Happy
greekcovers wrote:
I love to see Ronaldinho play football, he is so young but he is one of the bests ! Very Happy

i think zidane is the best ,but watching ronaldinho playing is very can never predict where he is running,one leg left and the other to the opposite side..
Hoogeveense RAT
Why isn't Arjen Robben in the poll? He's also a great player, and one of the best players in the world.

But of the four in the poll. I like Ronaldinho most, he has great actions. And he play for FC Barcelona Smile
Ronaldinho is now the best
I think Zidane was great...but now .... Sad
Wait and Wait Again And Just .....

World Always Smile wrote:

El Diego Is the Best for Ever
Zidane and Beckham were excellent in their day...but now it's Ronaldinho for me Very Happy
Beckham Laughing Laughing Laughing
Dose He play Football Laughing []
heh i not the only one who thinks Ronaldinio is the best!!!Smile But i think it is hard to decide who is the legend between the legends becouse the are all good players and i think good part in being good comes from your team. If you remember and i sure all of you do, 2 or 3 years ago when real was the best, also Zidane was playing very good and Gerard was almost nowhere to be seen. But Liverpool won the CL Gerard becamo one of the most valiable players!! I dont say he isnt and i konw he is but it is not just up to him but up to the other players in his team!!

Heh i realy wrote some shit didnt i? and now even i dont know any more what i really wanted to say:)
Ronaldinho for sure... I think Zidane should retire now when he can.
Gerard is a very hard working player with nice cross passes. But he doesn't have the skills that Ronaldinho has.
Zidane should never have signed for Real Madrid. He should have signed för a team in england. Then he would have become a better soccer player

1. Ronaldinho
2. Zidane
3. Juninho
4. Terry
5. Robinho

In a year Robinho will be the greatest player in the world if Real Madrid starts to take action, and begin to play for fun and honour, not for money like Beckham and the most in Madrid do right now...

Do like Pelé said:
- Play soccer with love!
Ronaldinho is very good and very skilled player, but nobody can match the elegance that Zidane has on the field. The ball just seems that it's a part of him and not a foreign body. He is like Michael Jordan of soccer, although I think that Michael Jordan is the best athlete even in any sport.
Ronaldinho... Because he is from my country xD
Steven Gerrard
Yes, If I have to choose people from the behind list, Ronaldinho will be #1. However, I prefer to choose: #1. Ronaldo

talangen wrote:

1. Ronaldinho
2. Zidane
3. Juninho
4. Terry
5. Robinho

Thierry Henry, hands down.
In my opinion Gerrard is the best player, bacause he is complete player, and know that football is a TEAM game...
how can u put beckhem and jerred in the same poll as ronhldinio and zidane???

today the brazilin is the best but the frenchman was better a couple years ago!
Ronaldhino is at his peak. Great skills, hardworking and plays dazzling football.

Well, Zidane is a genius, but can be lazy and inconsistent at times. If not for him, i doubt France will be so lucky to qualify for the coming world cup again.

Yeah, David Beckham is way overrated. His popularity seems to be on the decline.

Steven Gerald is a great player when he is fit. But he seems too injury-prone which is a big problem for any great player.

Theirry Henry kicks ass with his goalscoring power and his sub-lime skills.

But on the whole, the player i think is the best right now is Ruud Van Niesteroy of Man Utd. Though I'm a Newcastle fan.

Well my favourites used to Alan Shearer and Vieri, but they're now too old and over the hill.
If we look on the skill side, Dinho is the best. but, Zidane with his determination and flair can make every team won. I think zidane is such as a genius man. look, real without zidane is nothing, Even, 4 brazilian stars:
- Ronaldo
- R. Carlos
- Robinho
- Julio Baptisa
can make madrid to be consistent in la liga spain.
That's fair and true if zidane become the best player in one decade year.
i see ronaldinho is going to win the poll race and no one likes beckham ha?

"cokdes",i am agreed with you that without zidane real nothing..but the point which we are not agreed is that zidane is old and he is going to lose his popularity in the next few years and new stars will grow up..
Thanks with respects.
i see zidane is going to win the poll race and no one likes ronaldino ha?

"cokdes",i am agreed with you that without zidane real nothing..but the point which we are not agreed is that beckham ...
darkdante when you are quotin' please show in your message to whom that message belongs...(dostum,alıntı yaparken kimden aldığını ya tırnak içinde belirt ya da "alıntı"ya tıkla..böylece emek ziyanı olmasın ok? Saygılar) with respect...
ronaldinho is very good playerrr
i like beckham and i vote for him
i think he had a bad time in real mardrid
i like him whem he was in man u
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