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English Language Exchange

Hello everygody, i have found a cool site to find friends and learn English online or in face to face meetings

This is a non profit organization and the registration is free. The aim of that organization is to develop language skills and ability of people to communicate.
Yes it seems be interesting.My english isnt very good.. i will take a look to that web-site.Thank you m8

By the way, where are you from Myworldz? Im from spain
Got any websites like this for Spanish?

I'm in my third year of Spanish at school, and I can speak the basic language, but I don't know the slang or anything. The closest Spanish we're learning is spoke throughout most of Mexico.
Amen to that Soulfire. I'm only in my second year and am none too good at it either. Sad Much appreciated if anyone comes across one!

nvm, I checked out the site and you can learn just about any langauge.
I believe I heard of something similar to this awhile back, called the JET program, which you would probably know all about if you've read Gaijin Smash. Basically, any person with any kind of minor degree in English can go to Japan and teach English to schoolkids. I know it's off topic, but the whole JET thing really makes the story of this Gaijin living in Japan all the funnier when school children are involved.
Hey Soulfire, so you are learning spanish i think its a difficult thing for you because spanish language use lot of verbals forms and its much more rich than english language.All the grammar its hard to study even for me ^^
My english isnt very good but i try to practice sometimes and a way to do it its posting here.
You can post in spanish forums asking for websites like the first one and read spanish topics im sure you will learn things.
Anyway you can click here and see this website

Find aprender español(learn spanish)

Bye and goodluck m8
pretty cool. I'll have to check it out more later. It should be pretty interesting to do something like that.
I found other new link to learn spanish it seems to have people around all the world check it your self
And this is a web-site where you can see a free online tutorial.I wish those links could help you and if you have any question about spanish language ,post it and i will try to help you.

Bye m8s
here is another site to learn Spanish.

At first,Thank Mworldz for offering such a good website. I come from china, I want to learn english language, and exchange with native speakers to improve my own language skills. Certainly, the friends who like Chinese can study and exchange Chinese with me too,and I hope us become good friend each other.
Well i speak portuguese so i think english a very great second language
What a kind site, I am eager to looking for people good in english.
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