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Martial Artists, How do you train and what are your reasons?

How do you train in the martial arts?
I train live and reality based with a little of everything tossed in.
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I train in punching skills. Please explain?
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I train in ground skills. Please explain?(BJJ, Wresling,etc.
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I train in Kicking skills. Please explain?
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Krav Maga.
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Other. Please explain?
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I am interested in hearing how people train.

I believe in reality based martial arts training. No fancy flashy stuff for me. Jabs, straights, hooks, uppercuts and hammerfists for punches. The 7 elbow strikes taught in Krav Maga round out the arm weapons.

Basic stomps, straight and roundhouse kicks. Nothing to fancy there. But I believe you should train these kicks to perfection. Very powerful. Good in a street fight. My roundhouse kicks are like the kicks Bas Rutten teaches. Mostly to the legs and lower body.

Then I have studied avoiding the takedown and the very basics of BJJ. Because whether I like it or not, BJJ is a threat on the street. Only way it isn''t is if you have trained for it. So I feel it is a must but not something you spend all your time on.

Now, here is where my Martial Arts training starts to differ from the norm. I also train pistols, rifle and shotgun. along with some knife and club techniques.

The rest is all book knowledge fo when it is legal to fight and other more specialized things like climbing and rappeling.

I started out in my early 20's in RBWI Ninjutsu. It was instilled in me to have a full spectrum of skills. To never stop learning about new skills. Since then I have learned how to crochet, start fires with a flint, make my own water filters, how to sharpen a sword, how to make a webpage and even how to deliver a calf or horse.

That's my way. Mejutsu! I learn everything I can.

But I am really interested in how others train. And if people would find a full spectrum training center of interest. Because me and some training buddies have been tossing the idea of building something like that.

Perhaps even leasing a track every once in a while for a combat driving class here and there.

With the terrorist crap and other things going on as I get older, I become more and more happy that I have learned the skills I have in the last 13 years.

Good luck in your training.
I am really suprised that there are no Martial Artists here to reply.

With as many users as Frihost has I figured for sure there would be at least some replies.
3rd dan...2 in Aikido and one in Iaido....real artists don't speak of it ....I guess your not an adept.

And I'm sure there are others here...try the search function.

-closed- due to just plain stupidness.
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