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Grammar remixed?

What do you think about English grammar in Nigel Tomm’s book Shakespeare’s Hamlet Remixed? I think it is the most strange/paranoiac (and somehow magnetic) text in English language where the author neglects all the possible English grammar structures. After my first reading I didn’t like it but now I'm thinking maybe it is the next step in the evolution of text/literature/grammar. Maybe you have some thoughts about it?
I guess one would need to read this book to have a clue but rather than evoling grammar, why not try to get people to use proper grammar?

I am not sure about other parts of the country but it is rare to hear a person use proper English when watching the local news. I am so tired of hearing people butcher the English language.

I can understand the use of abbreviations when using instant messaging and chat but even abbreviations should make proper use of the language. People today are either in such a hurry or maybe no one cares. I see emails with awful English. What really makes me made is seeing poor English in documentation. My expectation is that a writer should be intelligent enough to use proper English and spell check.

I will get off my soapbox for now.
Can you give a couple lines or something as an example for those who havn't read it?
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