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php page flickering, maybe caused by flash item

After updating my php webpage to version TNG 6 (The Next Generation of Genealogical Research), I noticed a strange kind of refresh or flickering at my screen while scrolling over menu tabs.

As a sample I have added a link to my genealogy :

Scrolling over the top right submenu "Find / Media / Info" and also over the genealogical tabs like "individual / ancestors" makes the page flickering.

FYI I do use IE6.0 latest update, and checked in on my other pc as well.

I have a clue, because after clicking on both the MacroMedia FLASH - scrolling text boxes on top of the page... the flickering stops .... ??

I presume it has something to do with the insertion of flash items.
I searched the internet for info about inserting a flash items into a php page, but without any success. Who might help me with this problem?

Or is it maybe a combination of flash, milonic menu and tng menus.
Is anyone familiar with this problem?
If someone is able to help or advise me, I can send the php file with the codes.

Thanks in Advance for helping me. Very Happy
Rudi B. - Belgium

It seems that my problem of a flashing screen on a php webpage is hard to solve? So far I have asked it at different forums and via email, but up to now no one was really able to solve it or at least give a clue.

Anyone who can give a clue or advise that will solve the problem will earn my 50 FRIH$.

Thanks in advance for your advise. Smile
I don't think php has anything to do with your problem. In my opinion it's html/flash/css being rendered differently on different browsers. I didn't notice anything special on FF 1.5 while hovering over the menus, at least.
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