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Nobel Peace Prize 2006 - To a bank and banker

I don't have any doubt of having nobel prize for Dr. Yunus and his creation Grameen Bank for proving the banking services to the poor people of Bangladesh, specially to the women. But, the area they got, is quite surprising. Rather than economics, to me it could be the best category for him and his organization, they obtain it in peace.

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It'a really wonderfull and delighted news for me as I'm also from Bangladesh.
i think it is a great idea
bank fo poor people
thanks to Dr.Yunus ,No doubt he helped many people in Bangladesh
i hope this idea can take place at many poor countries

so what if it in peace catogry , he manges to make peace
well a good man is nominated and got prize , indeed he is great and his thinking is for more great.
i heared his words on nobel website poverty is not present it is created and
can be eliminated .
very well said , indeed poverty is not natural it is created and countries dont want to eliminate it , rich country give money to poor countries on high intrest and they say they are eliminating poverty ,but in true sense they are increasing and earning money .
I don't believe he advanced the area of economics significantly enough to merit a nobel prize in economics. However I too agree that a nobel peace prize would be more appropriate. There are many more qualified canidates for the peace prize, I'm afraid - he never would have won. A nobel prize is a nobel prize, regardless of the category. Wink
definately .. it's right. Dr. Yunus really changed the picture of poor people of Bangladesh, specially the women. Can u imagne a commercial Bank giving loans to poor people without any gurranty and loan recover rate is 98.5 % ? Dr. Yunus and Grameen bank did this revolution ... things that out of economics theory ... he certainly a strong candidate to have nobel prize ... more specifically in Economics rather than peace.
Why would this be applicable to economics rather than peace? What part of economic theory says that generosity is never rewarded?
well.. I'm not a ecomonics person .. but from my very little knowledge, economic theory denied to provide loans to poor people b'coz the theory says poor people may not be able to return back the loans ... but Mr. Yunus's theory is opposite to that economic theory ... in my sense it's onr kind of economics revolution .. micro-credit theory is now well establised due to his success ....
Well I think his nobel peace prize was well earned this year. After all if you look at the most conflict ridden in the world right now it is in places that are predominately poor and predominatley areas with more difficult access to education. The fact that that Mr. Yunis was able to turn lending an average of 25$ into a multi-billion dollar business (and this is a business lets not forget this fact) is very commendable. After all he's helping to lift people out of poverty and helping to change lives, because instead of a family having the kids being taken out of schools in order to earn their families a subsitence level wage they can go to school to study and earn higher level jobs... like the old saying goes a rising tide lifts all boats...

ps. I believe it was a better choice than say 2005 nobel peace prize winner Yusuf Islam a.k.a Cat Stevens (who was mistakenly put on the U.S's no fly list, and an outspoken critic of sectarian violence, which you can argue that which well known figuire doesn't do that)
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