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Arno v. Lumig
Hello everyone,

I am looking for an new, high-quality headset.

Some features it DEFINATELY needs to have:

- Stereo sound
- Comfortable
- A microphone
- High sound quality
- Bass amplifier, or at least a good bass speaker
- Below 50 euro (~60 dollar)
- IF drivers are needed they need to support Linux and Windows
- Not too much background-noise

5.1 surround would be a great plus, but is not needed (my sound card does not support it, but my DVD player does)

Does anyone know a headset that has these features, I'd love to know.

If you can find one in your pricerange, icemat makes some great headsets.
Personally, I like my Logitech headphones.

They are just simple headphones that wrap around your ear and have a good quality microphone built into them with an inline volume control and mic mute switch. They come with a 15' cable and have 3 different color covers you can swap out on the ear pieces. They only cost about 15 USD and IMO are some of the nicest headphones i have owned. The only thing I don't like, and i find this is what happens with most headsets, is that since i wear glasses, they tend to get sorta uncomfortable if they slip around my glasses ear piece thing, but other than that they are great.
Logitechs have decent mics, but the headphones are usually sub-par.

Icemats are good, but I haven't tried them myself. I don't prefer circum-aural headsets and the design is a little bulky for my tastes. Still, they have some of the better sound quality of the bunch and you might find them for just under $60 at some places.

Sennheisers are another often recommended brand, but they can be overpriced. Still, something to look at. There's quite a few pairs under $60. The pairs I've tried have been nice and comfortable with good sound and mic. Not sure about their longevity and one friend has a pair he can't stand wearing due to it being uncomfortable. I think they're a solid buy, though.

Plantronics is often harolded as a 'great quality for your buck' brand, and I couldn't agree more. I personally buy Plantronics and haven't been dissatisfied yet. My last pair I bashed and yanked tons of times, but it survived until recently. (finally pulled the mic wire off the chip, but can solder it back on... headphones work great still)

Stay away from Steelsound. They have too many issues despite their external build quality and features. Plus they're really expensive.

Bass sound is dependent on the diameter of the ear-pieces. 40mm, I believe, is sufficient for good bass but pay attention to reviews for subjective opinions on this point.

If you have onboard sound, definetly consider a USB headset. I'm not sure about linux driver support, but it'll often give you better voice quality, is easier to use, and makes it easier to have a speaker setup in tandem with the headset.

Look for noise canceling microphones to reduce background-noise over the mic.

There are not too many 5.1 headsets. The couple I know are no-name brands. The only quality 5.1 headphones I know of are from Zalman, a good company. The only caveat is that you have to use a clip-on mic (on the cord) instead of a mic-boom.
Arno v. Lumig
I am going to buy the VIVANCO FMH 7090. I know it doesn't have a mic, but it's wireless and has 5.1 surround sound! The price good too.
Unfortunately I've not been able to find any reviews on this product, but they can't be worse then my current headset.

The new problem is that I don't have a 5.1 soundcard, which means I'll have to buy one Wink. Which soundcard should I buy, I use Linux a lot so it has to be linux compatible.
The price of this soundcard should be as low as possible, I currently have an on-board sound-thing, so it will be an improvement anyway.
Of course the soundcard needs to support 5.1 surround sound.

Thanks in advance,
I've bought and used several headsets I would recommend my current head set: Sennheiser PC 130 headset. It has great sound quality and feels good on your ears it is currently availible on for just over $20. Hope this helps.
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