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PC crashing... Norton?

Hey everyone

My PC is acting very strange lately! I have recently bought and installed Norton Antivirus after getting a nasty virus a few months ago. Since getting Norton, my PC seems a bit sluggish and often when it crashes it wont restart without being switched off at the wall, sometimes this happens a few times a week. Do I need to think about a different antivirus company? Or perhaps the PC is the problem and not the software? Any help? Thanks for reading everyone!

norton is not really good. it's buggy, cannot detect some virus and give too much fake alarm. also the subscription fee will increase every year.

if you are a home user and use your PC for personal stuff, get avast. it's free.
Hey, thanks for the help, I shall try that avast but I will wait a while until my Norton runs out. And yes I am using this PC for just home use. Isn't avast likely to be worse than Norton seeing as it's free? Also why is it free when you have to pay so much for other products?

I use AntiVir Personal, another free software.
It has done me good now for over a year, detecting various things within "dubious" software.

Software like Norton and McAfee are bloated and cause slow speed by checking every file you open or save to your disk.
You should be able to alter the way it works i.e. limiting what it checks and when.

But all in all removing it and replacing with a good free one is the better option.
one of the reason why norton, f-secure and kaspersky are expensive because they have to cover the cost for their work on virus like research, monitoring, etc while avast or antivir personal got their data from these other companies. the concept is like urban telephone users subsidizing for less populated area. they all have their own niche market. norton and kaspersky go for big coporation while f-secure for goverment.

they giving away free software just enough for you to prevent virus from spreading, while they can make money by selling the pro version with more features. you can go to their website and see the comparison chart. for avast, the free version is more than enough for you from getting infected by anything provided you keep updating it.

joholland84 wrote:
Hey, thanks for the help, I shall try that avast but I will wait a while until my Norton runs out. And yes I am using this PC for just home use. Isn't avast likely to be worse than Norton seeing as it's free? Also why is it free when you have to pay so much for other products?

Between Avast and Comodo antivirus & firewall, which is better? Most antivirus are able to stop incoming viruses but if the use opens malicious software, these programs can still disable antivirus software and install viruses/trojans etc to your comp.

There is no doubt that you will experience some slowdown in performance especailly bootup time after any antivirus installation as the protection is running and using resources.

How confident are you that the virus has been removed 100%? Does it still pop up during a scan? Most viruses install *.dll files upon infection and they have to be removed as well to stop the spread.

Try right clicking on your clock display and select "task manager". See the CPU usage of your computer under 'performance'. Is it bewteen 0-5% when idle or more? if it's always processing, then it will cause overheating and thus the crash.
You shouldn't rely on just antivir, you will need a traffic firewall, a virus firewall, live spyware protection and more to protect you. Many companies offer what is called a internet security suite, with the exception of synaptics they usually provide some decent results. Because the programs are by the same manufacturer their coding will function seamlessly with the other products, using less resources than a bunch of programs from various vendors (and once again I say except synaptics which actually conflicts Neutral ).

As far as myself, I prefer to use various vendors as I am very picky and would rather spend a little extra (not always a guarantee at a better product mind you) to get something else. Neutral

Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is that you should probably look into a good Internet Suite, I believe I saw a good one from Panda Platinum, I tested the Anti-Vir and it proved formidable (outranked McAffee and Norton for sure, also Bit-Defender which I actually used till then Neutral ).
yup firewall is quite a necessity now. Helps detect unauthorised connections to the internet which is really common once you get infected with a virus. Antivirus only detects infections but do not monitor backdoor connections. If you are looking for a free firewall, Comodo which i mentioned arelier is pretty good. It's able to detect all forms of connection attempts.

Panda software is good too. I used the free online scanner to detect all spware and viruses in the computer and from the saved report, manually delete all the spyware found in the system (since the free scanner does not remove spyware). It is however able to delete those hard to kill viruses that deny file change because its sub-files are run once windows starts.
Yes, I also use Zone Labs Zone Alarm Pro, there is a free version that works quite well also, but I liked it so I went with the Pro.
Norton.... oh dear. Yep, it will really make your PC sluggish. I've tried Comodo's free software, but it seems to have a similar effect.

At the moment, I'm running ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and AntiVir. They don't slow my PC down too much (though AntiVir makes a noticeable impact on starting-up time).
Norton is one of the worst antiviruses I've ever used. It slows your computer down to an unnecessary level. I switched to Avast and all my problems were solved.
I often get PC's that have AV installed still get infected. Firewall helps a lot but still does not pick up worms that come in via your web browser. Once these worms are on your PC they "hide" and your AV is pretty useless. one product that helps when your PC misbehaves is "security task manager" - this will allow you to look at hidden processes and will allow you with a bit of sense to pick up things that should not be there, or see the impact of things that you expect to be there but did not realise how much resources they use.

Not good for prevention, but excellent to pick up things that cause your PC to misbehave. (anyone else have other tools that do the same?)
Firstly, this is the wrong forum to discuss software problems - the Computer Problems and Support forum is far more appropriate. However, we already have an Official Thread for discussing issues related to Anti-Virus programs, Anti-Spyware programs and firewalls.

How come any time someone mentions that they may have a problem with (for example) Norton, everyone has to chip in with their opinion that they should use another anti-virus package? It's not exactly helpful when someone is actually trying to fix something Wink

I'm going to -close- this thread since it has become another discussion about the best security software - please continue it here if you wish. However, if you have something helpful to add (regarding the Norton problem), or you would like this topic re-opened for any other valid reason, please feel free to PM any staff member.
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