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Google AVIs With MPC (weird behaviour)

here is the most weird thing happened to me,
my last reinstall i screwed up on MP4 decoding setting and Google AVIs weren't working
so I tried to reinstall Quicktime alternative and install another x264 codec nothing worked much there is some setting that was messed so I unistall all my codecs and started fresh!

so I tried k-lite mega pack I tried to redirect more things to matroska Haali Media codec and all type of media worked including MP4 except for Google AVi i get this output error (VLC Player plays them all without need any type of install tongue.gif ) so i looked online to see what that error (sorry for not saving it) and some site told me to use MPC well i downloaded unzipped and voila just naked by itself opened Google AVI! so i was going hmm that's weird so i went up to the installed MPC from k-lite and found out both are same VERSION!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! but the naked MPC was 5.42MB and one from k-lite was 4.06MB


the same MPC from k-lite if I rename it to mplayerc2.exe guess what? it plays the google AVI normaly!
also by just dumping mplayerc.exe from naked MPC in the folder you would think that ini file or registry would prevent from playing Google AVIs but guess what it still plays it!

so here is my question what happened to 1.42MB missing from MPC in k-lite & other packages also why the same exe file would work normally if you rename it!

I smell something fishy from Google!
Note: I've installed some software that has the google bar but didn't install google bar itself so what do you think folks SABOTAGE from google?

BTW here is how you save them as AVIs when you get to google videos and it offers how to save it as "Windows/mac" or "ipod/PSP" if you choose
"Windows/mac" and don't have google player installed then it will suggest you to install or to download the gvp file manually so do that and open it with NOTEPAD and get the link from there hehe
or you can just go on with your life and download for "ipod/psp" as MP4
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