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i need help on linux or file systems

I installed debian linux ,(i dont know anything about linux systems)

i had winxp and 3 drives(c,d,e fat32) now i partited c drive to install linux and now cant see my d and e drives... or where can i find them??

and i installed gnome thing,now i am in. i wonder how can you go back to dos-like place(the place you write some commands)

and i cant make altgr key work!!!no at sign so.!! how can i fix it?

and i cant make mouse3 roller work...HOWTO fix it?

"and i am afraid of this O/S"
and i cant make mouse3 button work
2. To go to a "DOS-like environment" (we call it terminal), simply click on the little black monitor icon next to the Applications button. This will start a terminal window where you will be able to...
1. ...access your Window$ partitions. You have to mount them first. This is a harder task. First create a directory under /mnt (or /media, as you prefer), under which you will mount the drive, for example /mnt/windrive. This can only be accomplished as root. Type su and then the root password. Then check what your drive is called. Should be hda1 or hda2. Then issue the following command:
mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windrive

Then your drive can be accessed through the directory you have just created. Type exit to exit from the terminal.

It is a hard job to learn your new system, but I'm sure you will like it. Read a lot of man pages (kind of help, type man and the name of the command you want to know more about, for example man mount) and howtos, and as Douglas Adams would say: Don't panic!
Good luck and welcome to the community!
well thanks for reply
since i post this topic i learned many things.
I am working on how to install wow on this machine...
For the mouse roller, you just need to tell it what type of mouse you have. I know well how to do this in SuSE via YaST, but I don't know anything about debian's hardware management interfaces.
i uninstalled linux because i want to play games...

but im going to install another disturbition in 5 days.

i will install PARDUS.its just 1 cd and ease to use.just like windows.and i will develop my programs there.
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