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Flash Webcam using Red5 instead of fCS, need help.

I have been trying to figure out how to stream a clients webcam to a flash communication server so someone can view it in a seperate app.
I fugured out that I'm going to need FCS but its expensive. So i found a free alternative called Red5 ( ) so now I have an FCS. I have no idea where to start actionscript wise. I have no clue how to publish a webcam stream to the flash comm server, then have a seperate app that recieves the video.
Does anyone know of some tutrials of code snippets that could set me on the right track? Thanks!
A better description on what is it that you want to accomplish would help. is best website for all things FMS ( Flash Media Server, formely FCS ) .

Btw, the new version of FMS is free and can be used for commercial applications, up to 10 connections ( not much but hey, it's free Wink )
I know fms is free, but only ten connections.... Any way, i want to have a client side swf that captures the webcams video to a the fms in flv format, then i want to watch it on a sepertate app by streaming the flv.
Well, what you want is a video broadcast application, a very common use of FMS. FMS itself comes with several sample applications that you can use the source code freely.

Also the adobe website has tutorials that tell step by step how to stream a webcam using FMS , there are dozens of tutorials only in the video section, as you can see here:

What exactly is your problem at?
Oh, and regarding red5, this software is still on the making, you cannot expect to find hardly any documentation around for it for some time.

Right now it's suitable to be used only for advanced java programmers. If you are a programming newbie I sugest you wait till version 0.8 or 0.9 at least.

I've also searched around for red5 tutorials around and although there are some that tell you how to download the sourcecode and install the server etc, that's as much as you can get.

So one way for you would be to start with FMS which as lots of books and documentation available and slowly migrate your software to red5 as the new server matures.
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