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Grid Wars

Has anyone ever played Grid Wars? It's a delightfully addictive game. It's a clone of Geometry Wars, a game released for the Xbox by Bizarre Creations, but it inevitably became so popular that Bizarre and Microsoft asked the game's creator to take it down from his site because so many people were opting to simply download Grid Wars rather than go out and buy Geometry Wars.

If anyone's interested in playing, you can download a copy of it here. I guarantee that this is a legitimate copy, as I've downloaded the game from that particular site. Download the folder, unzip it, and have fun!

Everyone can post their high scores here, but only if the post has more meaningful material. I don't want people replying to my thread with a simple number. That said, my high score is just over 2,000,000. It's not high enough to beat any of the default scores, though.
Haha you should thank me for showing you that game. Gridwars is extreamly additive, it is the epitome of a great game. Simple yet compelling graphics. And game play so simple yet complex that someone can get the hang of it within minutes but spend forever mastering the controls. I'm not exactly sure what is my high score, but it is way higher than the default ones and i can get your high score with one life Fenroy. Twisted Evil
I played this game a few months ago. The game was incredibly addictive, and I love how they almost perfectly recreated the Geometry Wars graphics, albeit with less particles.

I eventually stopped playing it, though. The only real reason behind it being that my PC controller sucked. Razz The left analog stick on it was pretty much broken and didn't work very well.

Nevertheless, I had a great time with it. Now if I could only use an Xbox360 controller without Windows XP...

Oh, and my highest score was 100,000 or something. Razz
I have not played that game but here is a freeware version of Grid Wars 2. It has a picture so you can see before you Down load it.

The review say that it is even better than the original Grid Wars. So you guys that have played it give us your opinion on if Grid Wars 2 is really better. the graphics certainly look good.
I'm trying to find someone with a higher score than me. This game is so unbelievably addictive. My high score on Easy was about 28 Million, at which around 15 Mill the bases which guys spawn from get so big that they continually spew enemies, forcing you to bomb. I then moved on to medium which i haven't played too much on, but i think my high score is around 8 Million. And finally i started playing hard, which i though at first was impossible, but hey practice makes....better. Anyway i just reached 2 million on Hard. Just curious what other high scores are out there.
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