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I found this site and it sais that i can make my own domain free. So how do i do this ? I think i have to change the frihost cp to let this come but i really dont know . Can anyone help ?
I dunno how, but, first you must acquire a domain over there, and configure it on both ends. (Configure the Nameservers). In your frihost control panel you have to add the domain as a parked or add-on domain.
You need to register the subdomain there, point it to our nameservers and then add it in domain setup/administration in DirectAdmin (here).
When im going to make a domain it sais :
NOTE! You must register your domain with these name servers:


Also... make sure you are ONLY using the above nameservers unless you know what you are doing.

If you include other nameservers at your registrar besides the listed above, and not all nameservers are properly setup to be in sync with each other, your site may experience intermittent downtime.

This system may be used in conjunction with other DNS services for additional redundancy. To allow other nameservers access to AXFR/sync with, click domains -> edit secondaries to allow them access and add them in the SOA of the zone.

If your adding multiple domains and want them to be configured identically, add the first one in, then configure it. Once configured, come back here, and use the clone tool to duplicate your configs to the rest of the domains you wish to add.

What should i do ? And what should i put in the domain field ? The domain i want ?
They offer subdomains with dns control. They don't give you a free .com domain, of course.

What you quoted is a way to let them manage the dns settings of a domain you registered somewhere else. For a .com/.net/.org domain, you need to register it at a domain registrar and pay for it, something like 10$.
There are many companies including freedns, everydns etc which offers an easy way to manage your domain. However this doesn't mean you get the .com or .net domains for free...........................

You need to register a domain with a Domain registrar like or network solutions or yahoo.......

Using services like everydns freedns has its own advantages and disadvantages, firstly you can configure and modify your mailbox settings, you can have your webserver on freehost and other stuff on different location.

You may want to have back up servers and configure your dns settings to point to it if your primary server goes down for some reason,

lets say you have Server1 as your primary webserver and Server2 as your secondary/backup server. if your primary fails the secondary can take over....

Hope this helps...
So basicly what it does is creates subdomains for a domain ? Will it work with frihost too ? And can i like have my subdomain point to the first directory with the site and if thats not working to the other ?
Kurosaki-Ichigo wrote:
So basicly what it does is creates subdomains for a domain ?

Indeed, and you have a big choice of domains, including
Kurosaki-Ichigo wrote:
Will it work with frihost too ?

Yes it does work on Frihost, I tried it out on the other server and it works fine.
Kurosaki-Ichigo wrote:
And can i like have my subdomain point to the first directory with the site and if thats not working to the other ?

The best way is to add it as a new domain in domain setup. It will have the same structure as your current domain/subdomain, it is /domains/<domain_name/public_html/.
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