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Looking for a new MMO (non play-to-play!)

Well, I've just about given up on Titan Quest - Sure it was good, but the amount of bugs and problems the game has just isn't worth getting frustrated over. So I'll be putting that aside for now.

Looking at Gamespot it seems that everything out at the moment is a load of crap. I would really like to play a free MMO - once off purchase fee is ok. I'm even contemplating installing Ultima Online and playing on a free shard if I have to.

votd - KalOnline - Free MMORPG in Oriental Fantasy realm. It has pretty good graphics and medium system specs. needed to run. Actually it's pretty interesting. Why don't you give it a go? - MuOnline - another free MMORPG. It's pretty shitty, but if you have an old computer, you can try this. - Deicide Online - free MMORPG. Looks pretty like Final Fantasy IX on PSX Emulator. It's pretty good, give it a look. - Maple Story - a 2D MMORPG game - also free. It's in semi-manga style. So if you don't like, then choose something from the above. - Lineage 2 - MMORPG - it's not free, but there is a free private server such as: or if you like to search I prefer this MMORPG - it's the most popular and best to me. Give it a shot! It's free if you play on private server. The best private server is L2 Paradise - I gave you the link above.

Good luck on choosing MMORPG, myself I've played Lineage 2 on private
servers, but since I've got banned, I'm not enjoying it anymore, though I might return someday.
I mention Dofus alot here on this forum, mainly because I don't see alot of people who play it, but it's free to play is very limited. That's why you should try Dofus Arena, since it's entirely free to play, and I think it's actually more fun that Dofus itself.
Hmm, you could try Tibia. It's a MMORPG that was designed by a few german school graduates who turned an idea into a life-supporting, and largly enjoyed game for all voer the internet.

They currently have servers located in Germany, and the Americas, with intent on Brazilian servers when an apt server house opens itself up.

It featues 4 playable classes, both male and female, as well as several outfits. Dozens of quests with tricky answers, many items, and tons of chances for you to get to meet new people!

it is free to play, but you can upgrade if you so wish... with the currnt exchange rates for American to Euros (the company is located in Germany, but is 100% english friendly) makes the premium accounts fairly expensive. But again, you can just enjoy the game for free.

i would suggest that you stick it out untill you get to the "mainland" the land you start on requires you to get to level 8 before you can move on tot he rest of the world and meet strong players and monsters. As well as other rareer items and the like. the beginning land is just boring as hell!

Hope you enjoy it!
I think you mean....non "PAY"-to-play. Hehe, but anways, I suggest Silkroad Online. It's a korean mmorpg which is FREE to play. The graphics are quite beautiful and if you have a good video card, you're in for a treat. I have played this game for about a year, and its always fun to get a party together and explore a dungeon or castle. The battle system is pretty intense and will keep your adrenaline running. The weapons and armor sets are also pretty sick. I highly recommend this game if you like eye candy. Doesn't hurt to give it a try, right? Very Happy
Dungeons and Dragons Online can be entertaining for a while if you get a friend or two to play with you, but in order to keep the appeal, you'll probably need to buy some of the extra content.
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